Farm Sponsorship


How many of you have always wanted to own your own sheep? Do you have the land to be able to raise sheep? Do you have the resources? How about the know-how? After much consideration, we have decided to start a Farm Sponsorship program. You will be able to know all the information about the sheep but not actually have to care for them day in and day out. The sponsor fee is $20 per month or you can pay for an entire year at a discount of $180. The sponsorship lasts for one year. The money will be used by the farm to help us care for our sheep.

You will receive private Instagram time and updates by email. The updates will include images taken of the sheep to use however you would like. You could post them on your social media, send them to friends, make a calendar, and so many other options! We will share updates on health, lambing, grazing, and more.

For your sponsorship you will receive fiber or body care items for your value. You can choose: roving, yarn, fleece, or any of our soon to be released body care items.

Click here for: Farm Sponsorship Yearly $180

Click here for: Farm Sponsorship Monthly $20

Follow Your Arrow Farm Sheep

Elsa: born in 2018 on the farm and has unique varying colors in her fleece. This year she gave birth to two beautiful ewe lambs. Ella is a wonderful sweet ewe with a unique personality. You would enjoy her fleece and stories about her will make you smile.

Ella: born in 2018 and a twin to Elsa on the farm. Her fleece is silky smooth. This year she gave birth to a beautiful ewe lamb. She is the LOUDEST sheep on the farm. Her constant desire for attention can leave you breathless if you do not attend to her varying "needs." Her antics will make you smile and you will enjoy her updates

Maddox: a wether born in 2019 and is a Gotland cross. He is our only white Gotland on the farm. His fleece would be an outstanding addition to your fiber collection. He is a very sweet boy and we call him "Big Buddy."

Jasmine: we brought her to the farm in October of 2020. She is an inquisitive, sweet, and funny ewe. Her fleece is like liquid silver with beautiful Gotland curls. In this picture, she is trying to investigate or drive the gator!

Christoff: he also came to the farm in October of 2020. He is our ram and has the most handsome Gotland curls. His baah is very unique and catches us off guard (and makes us smile).

Violet and Sage (top): they were born in 2019 and have the most unique fun personalities. Violet lost her mom last year and she was adopted by Sage's mom.

Violet (bottom): is coming in for scratches. She loves to get her chest rubbed!

Dahlia: she is the daughter of Elsa and a super sweet girl. She always is the first to the gate to see what I am doing. Her personality makes us smile every time she is around us.

Annabelle: is the sheep that hops the most. As a matter of fact, I have lots of hoof prints on the back of my barn jacket from her hopping up to get the hay or just see what I am doing.