This program is conducted by Bhaktivedanta ACADEMY, ISKCON COIMBATORE

What is taught in this FRSTP?

How are the classes conducted?

Through Zoom Online classes and additional support through audios, videos etc.,

How many classes in a week?

There will be 1 class of One hour duration in a week. for a month, 4 classes will be there.

How will be the children assisted or communicated?

Communication and guidance will be given by teacher through Whatsapp group.

What is the fee structure for this Program?


In the Month of December, there may be Winter camp for 3 days ( as per convenience) and in the Month of May, there will be Summer Camp. Note:The Registration fee is separate for Camps for existing children.

How this program helps a child?

1. Through recitation of Shlokas, they get Memory and Good Vibrations.

2. By Manthra Meditation, they get very good Concentration and Connection with the Lord.

3. By singing Bhajans, they get the inner joy and bliss of following the Yuga Dharma.

4. By Hearing and Speaking about Lord's pastimes, they get good discrimination of things.

5. By hearing the Moral Values through Scriptures, they get Good Values, Habits, behavior and Character

6. They have good spiritual games, art & craft and other activities for entertainment also.

7. Teachers are well trained and take care of the children nicely.

When to pay the fee amount?

The fee amount should be paid in the month of June by Registering your child for the period from July to December. Again they should pay in the month of December, for the period from January to June. The fee amount for 6 months is Rs. 600/- only

How should the payment be done?

The fee amount should be paid using GPay/SBI online/ Direct Bank Transfer, and not in Cash.

What are the other requirements?

A Google form need to be filled with the particulars of the children and submitted at the time of registration and the same to be intimated through message to the contact mobile number mentioned in the website.

How the children will be allotted classes?

The children will be allotted classes as per their choice of day, time, Age group etc., ( subjected to availability)

What WILL the children get by these classes?

1.The children can get systematic Training of Devotional aspects that contributes for their Overall Nourishment.

2. This helps in Personality Building of your Children.

3. The Spirit within is Awakened and helps them achieve more and stay blissful.

4. They could live a Balanced, Satisfactory and Complete life by helping themselves and helping others. The ultimate Aim of life is achieved.

The fee amount for 6 months is Rs. 600/- only

From JULY TO DECEMBER - RS.600/From JANUARY TO JUNE - RS.600/- (Exclusive of camps)

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Current A/c Number: 39683587467

IFSC Code : SBIN0021798

Bank Name: State Bank of India

Branch: MP Road, Kalapatti

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