Breathe New Life into Your Medical Certifications

Are you or someone you know experiencing a lapse with medical certifications? If so, stay ahead of the curve with FOHA. Renew and fortify your medical certifications to transform your professional journey and navigate the dynamic landscape of healthcare with confidence.

FOHA Services Offered  

Transparent Pricing for Our Comprehensive Service Portfolio

Adult, Infant, and Child CPR & AED $65

Adult, Infant, and Child CPR & AED (with first aid) $75

BLS & First Aid $85

Recertifications: (has not expired)

CPR: $50

BLS: $65

**Please confirm which certificate is accepted by your employer. Some organizations require that you are certified with a specific group. 

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About the Founder of  FOHA 

Sherry Harris, a native of the vibrant Tidewater Area, is a dedicated professional committed to making a difference in the field of healthcare. As the esteemed owner and instructor of From One Heart to Another, LLC, a premier CPR training company, Sherry brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to her role.

With a solid foundation as a Registered Nurse, Sherry boasts an illustrious career encompassing diverse specialties such as surgery, In vitro fertilization, trauma, and Long-Term Care. Her extensive knowledge and hands-on experience have honed her skills, enabling her to provide top-notch education and training to aspiring healthcare professionals.

Beyond her remarkable professional achievements, Sherry finds immense fulfillment in her role as a mother to three incredible children—a source of immense pride and joy. This deep-rooted sense of accomplishment fuels her unwavering commitment to her work and the community.

From One Heart to Another was born out of Sherry's profound dedication to nursing and unwavering love for humanity. Her mission is clear—to empower individuals with life-saving skills, for the person you save tomorrow could be the very person who holds a special place in your heart.


Sharon S. 

Awesome experience with From One Heart to Another.  The instructor has a wealth of knowledge and is very professional.  She made our team of varied age groups fill at ease and confident.  I highly recommend this company.

Lena Parker

Thanks for the CPR class. I really appreciate how you made the class fun. I  will definitely let others know about your classes! Thanks again.