Why I Am Excited

About This Research Direction:

A Tribute to Shafi Goldwasser

3-6PM, Saturday, November 9th, 2019

One of the many distinctive features of Shafi Goldwasser's research is excitement: about the topics, about the directions, and above all about the research process itself, not to mention the exciting and celebrated breakthroughs that have ensued.

Inspired by Shafi Goldwasser's approach and contributions, the theme of this event is highlighting the excitement of the process of doing research. Four speakers will present research they are particularly excited about through this lens.


3:05 PM Context in Communication. Madhu Sudan, Harvard University

3:40 PM Program Obfuscation. Huijia (Rachel) Lin, University of Washington

4:15 PM Break

4:45 PM Machine Learning for Algorithm Design. Maria-Florina Balcan, CMU

5:20 PM Local Algorithms. Ronitt Rubinfeld, MIT

Organized by Oded Goldreich and Guy Rothblum