Primary purpose of Friends of Brooks Quarry (FOBQ) is the organization that can provide relief to the low-income and elderly individuals. We as an organization feel that the residents should be taken care of in order to lead a dignified way of life and be at-par with other residents of the town.

Mission statement:

· Making responsible financial decisions

· Making sure that the complex is maintained and developed

· Fully supporting community projects centered around welfare of the residents

· Arranging social events to entertain and encourage participation with the residents

With the donations, FOBQ will be able to complement the efforts of BHA to update the following:

ADA Enhancements:

1. Make bathrooms ADA friendly – replace bath tubs with roll-in showers. Since it was built 1965, only 4 units have roll-in showers and rest have tubs installed. This makes it difficult for most residents to take a proper shower without assistance of aids. For handicapped residents, it is impossible.

2. Kitchen shelves and counter-tops are at standard height. They need to be modified for some units for residents who are disabled and have physical medical conditions such as arthritis etc.

3. Provision of aids of daily living (ADL) like counter top can openers, leg lifters, body positioners and other such ADLs that are deemed necessary.

4. Provision of medical equipment for disabled not covered by health insurance such as folding patient lifts, rolling shower chairs, shower chair, height adjustable commodes etc. that enhances the quality of life.

5. Provision of lift chairs and seat lift mechanisms in the rooms to help them get up with dignity.

Community room and social enhancements:

1. Appliances such as stove, refrigerator that are in dire need for replacement. Both these appliances were installed when the complex was erected and are past their life expectancy.

2. Community room furniture is worn and has to be replaced.

Outside within the complex:

1. Energy efficient lighting around the complex that promotes a safe environment for the residents. Currently there are few lights and most pathways are dark.

2. Walkways within the complex are crumbling that poses a health hazard to residents. Most of the residents are elderly and use ambulatory aids such as walkers and wheelchairs to move within the complex.

3. Benches and ADA seating around the yard that serve as resting points for residents who like to take a stroll within the complex.

Within the units:

1. New sinks and bathroom fixtures to be updated.

2. Appliances including refrigerators, stoves are in need of replacement.

3. Carpeting and flooring needs have to be addressed for individual rooms.

4. Windows are in need of replacement as they most of them lose heat in the winter thereby raising heating costs.

Social Events:

1 Entertainment including Sunday afternoon films, food and refreshments. Such events are held at senior center that costs money and having this within the community room builds trust and camaraderie among residents.

2 Trainer based activities such as yoga, pilate and other fitness training on regular schedule that keeps residents motivated and promote better health.

3 Picnics and out-of-town activities during summer, spring and fall.