Diptera, or true flies, are a widespread and beautiful group of insects. With over 150,000 described species and far more undescribed, Diptera include important pollinators, disease vectors, detritivores, and predators.

Field/Photo ID for Flies, commonly known as "the Fly Guide," is a collection of resources created by a variety of authors, compiled for identifying Diptera from photographs and specimens.

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Some major regional guides and catalogs available online:

Manual of Nearctic Diptera: Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3

Manual of Afrotropical Diptera

Catalog of the Diptera of the Australasian and Oceanian Regions

Catalog of European Diptera

Systema Dipterorum

BugGuide - Diptera of USA/Canada


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Recommended citation: Dankowicz, Z. R. & Dankowicz, E. (2023). Field/Photo ID for Flies. Retrieved [Date] from https://sites.google.com/view/flyguide.