Music in Motion

Teleology in sound. Music important to me, not always biggest or most popular. I think there were good reasons why music and math were under the same rubric in the Quadrivium of the Middle Ages. I hope you find these helpful!

J.S. Bach: where things start.

Beethoven: thoughtful and introspective.

Brahms: harmonious perfectionist. So was Schoenberg....

Anton Bruckner: loved Richard Wagner's music, couldn't stand his philosophy. Did Bruckner write symphonies, or concerti for tympani and brass?

Mozart: The Master! Le Maitre! Der Meister! Il Maestro!

Piano Concerti Nos. 18 and 25, and a Tchaikovsky take on Mozart! Then segue to Jazz...

Jazz: Gulf Coast Motion! and more.

Modern With Echoes.

Rimsky-Korsakov: Russian energy with powerful orchestration. Two versions help show the invariants that underlie the performers' interpretations.

YouTube: More music faves.