Florida Pitt Waller Counseling Program 


Here you will find information about how the school counseling team serves Florida Pitt Waller ECE - 8 students. 

Mission: We aim to provide comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, & culturally relevant services to empower all scholars as they prepare for success in career, college/post-secondary opportunities, and the world. All students are encouraged to pursue high academic achievement, career exploration, and personal-social growth. 

Vision: Within our diverse community of scholars, Florida Pitt Waller’s school counselors will establish a comprehensive school counseling program, enhancing our positive school culture by incorporating the academic, career, and personal-social domains via interactions and activities from ECE to 8th grade. Our school counseling program will facilitate students’ completion of their Individual Career & Academic Plans (ICAPs), and also meet the social-emotional needs of our students.


Our School Counseling Program Provides Support in These Areas:

Personal - Social -Emotional 


Career / College

ICAP - Individual Career and Academic Plans

ICAP lessons are the basic foundations for students to explore their career passions and opportunities. Starting with sixth grade and continuing throughout high school, students create and update an ongoing plan which includes counselor-led activities on career interest, goal setting, college opportunities, financial aid, and non-cognitive skills which increase academic success. 

American School Counselor Association (ASCA)

Our School Counseling program strives to align with the ASCA national model. 

Contact Information

Jessica Pistone-Florida Pitt Waller Counselor

720-424-2849 (office)


Contact Information 

Lindsay Unks-Florida Pitt Waller Counselor

720-424-2928 (office)

Google Voice: 720-735-7373 (text & voice)