Focal Athletics

Accelerating the Learning and Love of Athletics (Basketball, Lacrosse and Volleyball) with a Child-Centered Approach that Provides Multiple Opportunities to Succeed

Our Vision

We aim to provide all families in our surrounding communities with access to child-focused coaching and best-practice training/games that will accelerate learning and fun for all kids.

Our Mission

To advance multiple learning opportunities and enjoyable experiences by continuously reflecting on our teaching methods and offerings to improve outcomes for all kids.

Our Objectives

1. To support town-based athletics by offering consultation and programming that improves the play of all participants.

2. To provide targeted training, clinics/camps, league play, and tournaments for all surrounding communities that is mindful of cost and flexible to the needs of families. 

3. To provide mentoring and internship opportunities to Dean College students to help develop future coaches.

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Brien Keller