Registration and Team Administration

Registering your team is a 2 part process. You initially register nationally with FIRST at and then with your local region. The following slide decks will walk you through the registration process. Open the presentations to view the speaker notes for step by step instructions. The regional instructions are for Illinois.

Registration Illinois

Helpful links

FIRST Login Page

Illinois Login Page

FIRST Youth Protection Overview

Youth Team Member System Overview & Consent and Release Form - you need to bring either a complete team roster or hard copy Consent and Release forms for every team member to any event your team participates in

How to complete the Youth Protection Process - US - each team needs 2 registered adult coaches who have passed the Youth Protection Process

Team Communication

How to setup and share a Google Calendar

One way to keep your team organized is with a shared calendar. Google Calendar allows you to create and share a team calendar and even to embed it into your team website. Open this slide deck to view the speaker notes for step by step instructions.

Remind is a communication app for your phone or other device that coaches can use to stay in touch with team members and parents without exchanging cellphone numbers. The coach/admin can set up an account and have team members and parents subscribe to the team. This way updates and notices can be pushed out to all stakeholders efficiently.