Blended Technologies



A collaborative board that allows students to post with text and links to files, websites, videos and webcams.

Active Learning

Upload a PowerPoint to add interactive elements.  Or use a Google Slideset and do the same with the NearPod add-on.  Pear Deck and Slido are alternates to this software!


Upload a PowerPoint to this site and collaborate on one or more slides with text, audio, or video.

Digital Postings

A collaborative board where you can invite students to join and add a 'post' in response to a prompt or directions. 



This is an application that can be used on a laptop or and app for your cellphone.  It allows you to communicate with your students via text; however, no cell numbers are exchanged. 

Google Meet

A virtual meeting place with space for 25 people.  All can be seen through their webcams (or audio) and the host can share their screen to present information.  In Google Meet (part of BW's Google Suite, it can be recorded).

Video Responses

This website allows you to send and receive asynchronistic communications  with students using video instead of the traditional text discussion forums. 


A blog site where you can post a prompt and facilitate ongoing discussions on any topic.  Video and images can be uploaded here too.

                                                            Critical Thinking


This Chrome application allows you to create a screencast with or without a webcam.  Easy to record and save within your Google Drive.  Limit is 5 minutes unless you do an upgrade for unlimited recordings ($49 per year).  Loom is an alternative software!


A site for colorful graphic brainstorming.  You can set up 'teams' to collaborate as well.  It is a Google-supported application for easy login. 

Organization of Projects

Trello is an amazing resource for organizing the many aspects of projects and PBL.  With an upgrade you can open it up to student collaboration within the board.


This site allows you to upload reading materials (PDF, online articles, and other files) and insert questions for checks in understanding and formative assessment.  It is a way for your to know that students have completed reading assignment in remote environments. 


Video Creation

WeVideo is a video editor that can be used on any device and platform.  It is user-friendly to beginners, intermediate and advanced users.  It also allows for the creation of videocasts and podcasts.  Many benefits including the ability to collaborate and save videos to view within the WeVideo site. 

Digital Storytelling

This site is a great resource for both digital comics as well as storyboard for video projects.  It allows for the change of backgrounds, characters, props, etc.  Pay attention to the tools available in the free version versus the upgrade.  


This link will take you to Canva was well as several other of the best infographics.  These technologies allow for alternatives to worksheets and other forms of assessments.  

Google Sites

Google Sites is a great way to pull your students together within a website for collaboration on any number of projects.  Instructors can set up the homepage and ask students/groups to be responsible for subpage to complete tasks.

                                                   Formative Assessments & Content Review


Quizlet is a site for the creation of digital notecards.  Much has already been created on a multitude of topics for use as well.  With any digital slidedeck, students are able to review vocabulary with a variety of interactive quizzes and games.

Study Stack

Similar to Quizlet, Study Stack is a website for flashcard and study games.  Excellent for changing up content review and keeping students engaged with content vocabulary. 

Poll Everywhere

While Kahoot is used extensively in K-12 environments, Poll Everywhere is geared to the adult learner and includes many other features for face-to-face and remote polling.  This includes word clouds, discussion, T/F, multiple choice, and interactive graphics. 


Quizziz is a site for formative assessment.  It allows for free self-paced quizzes to review, assess, and engage students in the classroom and remotely.  Yon build a quiz of your own or chose one from their gallery.  


Google Forms

This Google application is an effective means to create both surveys and quizzes.  It allows you to embed graphics, video, and other elements.  The question types include T/F, multiple choice, checklists, scales, short & extended responses, etc.  Results and be automatically graded and will come to you in graphic analytics as well as to a spreadsheet for further data mining.


EdPuzzle is a site you can use to ensure that your students are viewing and understanding the videos you share with them.  It allows you to upload video and create interactive elements; i.e. checking for understanding at different points within the footage.

PlayPosit is an alternative!


Digital Portfolios

LiveBinders is a digital substitution for a 3-ring binder.  Content can be uploaded in the form of websites, PDF and other files, text, video, embedded files, QR Codes, etc.  Organization can be color-coded with main tabs, subtabs, and base tabs.


This is a free website that provides a wide range of templates that you can download, fill in with your own content, and then play online through the Flippity site. As an educator you can make these activities for your own use or for review games for your class.