My research aims to systematically search for intensification opportunities – enhancement of intrinsic effects, combination of synergetic processes, novel equipment designs, among others – by using rigorous mathematical approaches, fundamental laws, modeling, and computational simulation to explore a wide range of scales (multiscale-integrated) in which process intensification opportunities can be sought, from molecular, to equipment, to the systems level.

During my Ph.D. I have developed research projects that involved rigorous mathematical modeling and simulation of reaction-diffusion processes in porous media in a multiscale fashion. In addition, I have developed models to systematically intensify reactive separation processes that guarantee global optimality. The set of skills I have learned includes the development of mathematical models from fundamental principles – mass, momentum, and energy balances; reaction kinetics, thermodynamic principles, and advanced transport models such as Stefan-Maxwell and Dusty-Gas Model – for multiscale, multiphase physical systems. In addition, I had formal training in optimization of large-scale process networks and process synthesis, which gives me the ability to find innovative conceptual designs. This combined with my previous industry experience as a senior mechanical engineer in designing and implementing large-scale industrial projects, in which I performed several activities from proposal writing to conceptual design. I am sure that my background and experience qualifies me to develop a strong research program in intensified chemical/manufacturing processes and novel equipment designs.

As a researcher, I would like to apply my research efforts on the development of novel processes, equipment design, and production schemes that will help to shape an intensified, safer, greener, data-driven process industry. Through a combination of rigorous modeling, multiscale computational simulation, and optimization/control techniques, a diverse range of both traditional and new processes/manufacturing systems (reactive distillation, membrane reactors, additive manufacturing, among others) can be analyzed, modified, and/or synthesized in order to maximize performance. I envision myself collaborating closely with smart manufacturing/process intensification research centers, as well as companies in the manufacturing and processing industries.