Why a conspiracy? For what purpose?

1. To create hyper consumerism.

2. To take God out of the equation of life.

3. To hide our divinity or divine importance.

4. To hide mankind as the center of the Universe.

5. To promote the "Space Myth" for profit, keeping all the space programs going all over the world.

6. To Create a fear based world, comets hitting us, the ball Earth blindly hurdling through space.

7. To perpetuate the profit of Dinosaurs and the scarcity of oil so called fossil fuels.

8. To keep Darwinism and the Big bang as current truth and not pure theory.

9. To hide whats beyond the arctic ice wall.

10. To control human thoughts & behavior.

Indoctrination starts as early as Kindergarten, and lasts for over 8 years. By 7th grade children are convincingly programmed to the desired pseudo sciences. And to convince them otherwise is almost impossible. Only the rebels will accept they have been deceived.

Kids in Kindergarten are taught about Unicorns; Santa; Dinosaurs (cute ones). This is in preparation for more fantastic teachings to come.

Pseudo Sciences are programming for a World Religion soon to come under the form of visiting "Aliens from other planets". An agenda started centuries ago.