About Francis


Francis was born in the Ozarks and raised on a farm where creating the tools you needed to get the job done was all in a day's work. These hard-earned values are easy to see in the uniqueness of each blade and tool. Always the self-reliant sort of man, Francis started creating knives and tools many years ago as a hobby. He is a self-taught craftsman that thoroughly enjoys what he does as an artist.


The raw material for the blades come from antique sawmill and two-man crosscut saw blades, hay rake teeth and any other quality high carbon steel that he can get his hands on. Over the years he has developed a technique that allows the history of the old steel to shine through. The scales are hand-cut from antler and horn as well as exotic and local wood. He stands behind his work because of the heart and quality in every single piece.


Five-star reviews speak for themselves:

"Hand made, functional tools, crafted in an old school style that harkens back to the days when knives were built to be handed down for generations. Craftsmanship and materials are on par with custom blades costing several times more. ...";

"Ordered three knives and they’re great! Very sharp and hold their edge well. Payment and shipping has been easy. I love the fact I can buy products that are homemade and will last a lifetime and be very functional."

"OUTSTANDING workmanship/craft, to the point of considering them a work of Art. "

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FK blades are coveted by collectors and people who use them from the field to the kitchen to the job site.

Discover the craftsmanship for yourself.