Mend, don't spend. Repair, don't throw. Let's collectively grow!

Learn to fix everyday objects with the help of experienced coaches to reduce waste and save money. Fixing together builds community.

Join us on Second Saturdays & Fourth Mondays for a Fix-It Workshop

Adhesives and Fasteners

Date: December 10, 2022

Venue: Solid Waste District

Time: 9 am -1 pm

Join us if you have a broken item that needs to be fixed. Do you need to learn what adhesives, bonds, or fasteners you need and how to do it? Do you have a piece of clothing or another fabric item that needs mending?

Bring an item to repair, learn from coaches, and leave with new skills.

Let us know you are coming by registering online here or calling 216-443-3749.

Second Saturdays

Fix it CLE @ Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District


Solid Waste District HQ, 4750 East 131 Street, Garfield Heights

Parking: Free lot at the Solid Waste District

Fourth Mondays

Fix it CLE @ Sears think[box], Case Western Reserve University


Case Richey Mixon Building, 11201 Cedar Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106

Parking: Veale Parking Garage or Street Parking

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Circular Cleveland is an initiative of Cleveland Neighborhood Progress and City of Cleveland, in partnership with Neighborhood Connections. Circular Cleveland is working to help shift Cleveland from a linear economy to a circular economy to reduce pollution by cutting out waste and to create a more resourceful economy that is healthy and regenerative.

Presented by Circular Cleveland, think[box] at Case and Cuyahoga County Solid waste District in partnership with Oh Sew Powerful, Inc.