It is now become clear that the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” was a political narrative – a fraud fueled by HATE SCIENCE. It was used to deceive people into getting an experimental vaccine and to vilify anyone who chose not to be a lab rat. Tenured University of Toronto professor, David Fisman, and his two colleagues, Ashleigh Tuite and Afia Amoako, played a pivotal role in keeping the faux narrative alive long after mother nature had done her damnedest to shut it down.

The research trio basically overwrote the Omicron wave with a fake simulation that showed trends opposite reality — namely, that the unvaccinated had higher C19 incident rates than the vaccinated and thus posed a disproportionate risk to others. They attempted to pass off their fabricated data and results as fact, and used their fictitious facts to vilify the unvaccinated, scapegoat them for the vaccine’s failure to curtail transmission, and to justify vaccine mandates, passports and travel restrictions.

The fraudulent government-funded study was slopped-up by mainstream media — headlines warning of the risk of merely hanging out with the unvaccinated circled the globe within hours of the study’s publication. Within days of it’s official release, the study was waved around in Parliament by Liberal MP Adam Van Koeverden to justify extending the Trudeau government’s travel restrictions against “the unvaccinated.”

Despite the exposure, the faux study has not been retracted and no corrections have been issued by the parties involved. And, instead of being reprimanded for his fraudulent research, Fisman now sits at the helm of the modelling and strategizing unit of the University of Toronto’s Institute for Pandemics (IFP). He is set to lead Canada and the globe in modelling future pandemics and emergencies. The fraudulent study’s co-author, Ashleigh Tuite, is also a member of this new institute. 

The study was appalling on so many levels, its implications deeper than many people realized at the time.

In March 2024, the "Fisman's Fraud" book  was referenced in Canadian Parliament by Conservative MP Colin Carrie who questioned the government’s justification of the ArriveCAN app to surveil, control and segregate COVID-19 vaccinated and unvaccinated Canadians