Presentation by Steve McCrea "Gardener, not Carpenter"

Hello! I'm not attending your conference, but I wish to offer the following presentation. The theme of your conference is "Smart Tools for Development," so let's use technology. However, we also need to make the classroom active.

I offer the updated version (a new format with added questions) of the questions proposed by Neil Postman in 1969. Here is a short video to describe the Postman Questions. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

You can download the Postman Questions. CLICK for ARABIC

I have proposed an Arabic Translation (using Google Translate), but I need some collaboration (perhaps from the conference attendees) to improve the accuracy of the translation.

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Key Points

1. Be a gardener

2. Smart Tools are important for Smart Learning.

Smart Procedures for those tools are also important.

Neil Postman's procedures are suggested.

3. Create a poster and list the following items from the Wikipedia article about "Inquiry education"

Postman and Weingartner suggest that inquiry teachers have the following characteristics (pp. 34–37):

They avoid telling students what they "ought to know".

They talk to students mostly by questioning, and especially by asking divergent questions.

They do not accept short, simple answers to questions.

They encourage students to interact directly with one another, and avoid judging what is said in student interactions.

They do not summarize students' discussion.

They do not plan the exact direction of their lessons in advance, and allow it to develop in response to students' interests.

Their lessons pose problems to students.

They gauge their success by change in students' inquiry behaviors (with the above characteristics of "good learners" as a goal).

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If you are not familiar with “asynchronous presentations” (when the listener hears or sees the presentation after the presentation is completed), here are the highlights:

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You are invited to find the following books Neil Postman’s book from 1969 (a free PDF)

www.TINYURL.commakeyourclassactiveGUIDE a Guide book

www.TINYURL.commakeyourclassactiveSTART a photo book

www.TINYURL.commakeyourclassactive a large scale 8.5” by 11” workbook the experiment in Miami (this book helped get a teacher fired!) the Postman Questions in Arabic the REVISED Postman Questions in Arabic, available after 2018

Please download the Postman Questions in Arabic and make suggestions on improving the translation.

PDF of my presentation and ABSTRACT

PDF of Steve McCrea's Presentation to the Smart Tools for Development Conference