Financial Mathematics

Mentoring Initiative

The aim of this program is to create and provide a mentoring platform for early career researchers in the field of financial mathematics and engineering. Through this program, junior researchers will have the opportunity to be paired with a mentor who would provide advice and guidance for matters related to their research development, career advancement and promotions, grant funding, and other issues that arise in the early stages of professional development. This mentoring interaction is expected to provide support and guidance, foster collaborations, and promote the overall academic life of junior academics.

The creation of this program is strongly motivated by the recent success of a preliminary initiative under the auspices of the SIAM FM21 conference, under which a number of early career scientists from underrepresented groups were paired with senior mentors. This initiative was extremely well received from both senior and junior cohorts.

This program is endorsed and supported by the SIAM activity group on Financial Mathematics and Engineering and the Bachelier Finance Society.

For now, the mentoring initiative is open only to early career financial mathematicians and engineers from underrepresented groups.

Underrepresented groups in science and engineering include, but are not limited to, women, Black and African American people, Native Americans/First Nations, Alaskan Natives, Hispanics, people with disabilities, and people from countries with limited research resources.

Early career researchers are those who received their doctoral degree within the past six years or are in their last year of doctoral studies.

All interested are asked to fill the corresponding form: mentor or mentee.

The first targeted date for mentor-mentee matching is March 31, 2022. To be included in this round, please submit your application by February 15, 2022.