Barbie Van Horn

I'm a chocolate enthusiast, connoisseur, certifiable judge, and recipe creator.

Creating beautiful tasting, pairing, and palate training experiences to educate, surprise, and delight is what I love to do.

Currently I live in Seattle with my love Rog. Our sweet girl just happens to enjoy chocolate too.

I'm a long term real estate investor, advocate of small business (because I owned one and understand the challenges), and I'm a corporate girl currently working in the corporate world for a Fortune 500 Company.

And, yes I do start most mornings with a chocolate tasting, before breakfast while my palate is fresh.

Finding Fine Chocolate

Finding Fine Chocolate is my journey to find well crafted fine chocolate, sharpen tasting palates, create pairings and recipes, and explore the people and places that bring us craft and artisan chocolate.

It's is about slowing down, relaxing, and focusing on your sense of taste to discover the diverse aromas, flavors, and textures found in craft chocolate.

It's about exploring, finding your favorites, getting to know yourself and your palate a little better with each tasting or pairing.

It's about meeting the people behind all phases of chocolate from the cacao tree to the chocolate bar.

It is about creating beautiful experiences with fine, craft, & artisan chocolate.

Announcing the launch of the Pacific Northwest Chocolate Society!

For a chocolate connoisseur or aficionado there is almost nothing better than getting together with others who share your same enthusiasm for chocolate. For quite some time I've been contemplating starting a tasting group or chocolate society. When I approached Lauren Adler of Chocolopolis about it I found that she also had considered starting one, so we decided to kick off the PNW Chocolate Society together.

Our goal is to create a community for the chocolate lovers in the Pacific Northwest. Our mission statement:

"Everything we do is united by chocolate. We believe in having fun while tasting, pairing, evaluating, and learning about the amusing and serious sides of bean to bar craft chocolate. Our lively events explore not only tasting and pairing chocolate but also fine flavor cacao origin, chocolate makers, farmers, co-ops, supply chain, and processes. We are a community of chocolate enthusiasts who meet monthly."

Our kickoff event will be a blind tasting comparing mass market chocolate to fine, craft, artisan chocolate on July 19 with room for 30 chocolate loving people. I don't need to tell you how excited I am about this! I sincerely hope to meet some new chocolate enthusiasts.

For more info or tickets check out the PNW Chocolate Society on: Eventbrite, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


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