Its about finding unique aromas and flavors in fine chocolate.

Project in progress:

Tasting chocolate from each cacao growing country.


I learned so very much from the first tasting chocolate around the world project.

My note taking methods changed, my palate was sharpened.

The process was a fantastic geography lesson.

It was so much fun that I'm going to do it again.

This time I won't taste going west to east as I did last time. I'll jump around the globe a bit.

I've got some new chocolate from new makers I've been saving for this.

Can't wait to get started.

Chocolate awaits...

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I love it when people connect over chocolate.

I learn and understand more when the process of flavor development is transparent. Love that too.

During the last tasting around the world I happened to complain that I had no bars from Malaysia. Ning-Geng Ong from Chocolate Concierge connected with me online and soon thereafter I had some of his bars.

Three bars, each with a different story and transparency all the way to the bean.

Ning not only takes a role growing the cacao, but also in fermentation. On top of that he does something slightly different. Cold fermentation.

What? Cold fermentation? I'd never heard of cold fermentation or fermenting beans 14-36 days.

Ning explains, "Cold fermentation is employing a cooler fermentation temperature that's closer to wine making than chocolate, in this case slowing and stretching the fermentation out to over a month."

The bars using the same beans with different fermentation provide a beautiful comparison of flavor development.

Ning tells us a bit more about the origin of these two Temuan bars. "Temuan is the name of the native tribe. We assist them through a social impact program, providing free trees, training, n organic fertilizer. I ferment their cocoa and produce a bar that finances the 3x higher buy back program for their wet beans."

Malaysia | Temuan | Cold Fermented Pahang Origin | 36 day cold fermentation | 64%

NOTES: Dried cherry, plum really interesting fun, tropical fruit like lychee and mango, peach, apricot finish and an undertone of floral spices all the way through. WOW!

Malaysia | Temuan | Pahang Origin | 14 day fermentation | 70%

NOTES: Starts with a very quick yeast note that evaporates quickly, honeysuckle, wine like almost cherry brandy note, developing into dry tannins but not bitter with a little more yeast on the finish.

The next bar is partially fermented in oak barrels. Ning says "Damak is a different origin in Malaysia, this estate had won top 50 cocoa of excellence 2017, I also handle the fermentation and drying for this origin bar."

Malaysia | Damak | Pahang Origin | 6 day fermentation, part in oak barrels | 70%

NOTES: Cream, fruity grape, nutty, cashew butter, slightly malty very long finish.

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