Finding unique aromas and flavors in fine chocolate, it's what I do.

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Hawaii Adventure Update! I've returned home from Hawai'i and loved almost every minute of my time there. I'm posting about the people involved in chocolate, the farms, tours, and where we stayed on the blog. When I'm done I'll have a map of the locations that I visited so that you can "roam" around the Big Island via Google Maps and check out the blog posts associated with each farm or maker. Check out the latest post here.

United by Chocolate

Lauren Adler and I have joined forced to grow and bring together the craft chocolate loving community in the Pacific Northwest. We gather for fun and educational chocolate tasting events. There is no cost to join, just follow and join us for meet ups. To find out about upcoming events join our mailing list or follow us on Insta, Facebook, or Twitter.

50 Chocolate Makers in 50 Days

As a countdown to a big birthday I tasted a different chocolate maker every day for 50 days in a row. Videos here.

Tasting around the cacao growing world

I hunted down as many bars from every cacao producing country I could find. I tasted, compared, and recorded. This project changed the way I log my chocolate tastings. Series here.