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What is financial therapy?

New FTA certification starting in 2018 - practice standards link

“Of all aspects in life, money is one area that cannot be avoided - we rely upon it for food, shelter, and clothing. Not only do we rely on money to meet our basic needs, money is a fundamental aspect of our sense of safety, security, quality of life, goals, and aspirations.”

From “Financial Therapy: Establishing an Emerging Field” (article)

- Financial Therapy: Theory, Research, and Practice (book)

- Britt, Klontz, and Archuleta (2015)

"...studies have found that the retention rate on financial lessons learned is two years at best, said Beck—a track record supported by such financial literacy test results."

As an emerging field, Financial Therapy can *supplement* traditional psychotherapy and financial advising.

Clients can be referred to a financial therapist for short-term or long-term additional work to help focus on the financial aspects of their primary therapy concern.

Financial therapists can also work collaboratively with counselors or financial advisors to work with an individual in a regular session.

Vision Financial Solutions utilizes a Solutions-focused therapy approach, while also understanding the family systems that affect clients.

Jen is the financial therapist behind Vision Financial Solutions. She earned a graduate certificate in financial therapy in 2016 and will complete her master's in personal financial planning in Spring 2019 from Kansas State University.

She is a member of the Financial Therapy Association and participated in their recent conference, earning 14 additional workshop education hours.

In addition to providing financial therapy individual sessions, she is available for on-site workshops, classes, financial wellness programs, and collaboration.

She can meet at your office, her Edwardsville office, or online via Zoom video meeting.

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