Finance + Math: Integrated Financial Literacy Curriculum for Advanced High School Mathematics

This is a webpage for teachers of advanced high school mathematics courses who are interested in drop-in replacement lessons that teach the mathematics content of their classes while also expanding students' financial literacy.

The project includes 7 lessons, aligned to Idaho personal financial literacy standards, and organized by course - see below for links to Statistics and Calculus lessons.

I have noticed many of our high achieving math students are graduating high school without enough financial literacy for them to be successful in adulthood. Though they are introduced to these topics in an Economics class during their junior year, students in advanced mathematics courses would benefit from taking a deeper look at these topics through a mathematical lens. Students often wonder where mathematics impacts the “real world”, and the context of finance allows them to interact with the content in a practical way. Since the vast majority of students in advanced mathematics are college bound, they would benefit from more advanced financial literacy knowledge and skills.

About the Author - Jennifer Eldred

  • It is my passion to give students access to the beauty and intricacy of mathematics while helping them grow into adults of character who will flourish and positively contribute to our society.
  • Mathematics teacher at Kuna High School, Idaho
  • Head tennis coach
  • 4+ years experience