Linguistics Field Research Lab


We are faculty and students dedicated to the teaching and research of underdocumented and endangered languages. We are currently engaged in research projects on: Moro (Kordofanian), Choguita Rarámuri (Uto-Aztecan), Ja'a Kumiai (Yuman), Huastec Nahuatl (Uto-Aztecan), Hmong (Hmong-Mien), Gua (Guang, Kwa) and Kazakh, Krygyz and Uyghur (Turkic).

We are also committed to linguistic description and collaborative language documentation projects whose products serve both academic linguists and indigenous communities.

For more information, you can contact the lab directors: Gabriela Caballero and Sharon Rose

Many of our research projects have arisen through our Field Methods/Fieldwork classes:

  • 2005, 2006: Moro (Kordofanian; Sudan)
  • 2010: GiTonga (Bantu; Mozambique)
  • 2011: Purépecha (isolate; Mexico)
  • 2012, 2013: Ixpantepec Nieves Mixtec (Oto-Manguean; Mexico)
  • 2015: Bari (Nilotic; Sudan)
  • 2016: Ja'a Kumiai (Yuman; Mexico)

Find out about who we are, our working group, our projects and recent news and events below.

News and Events

Upcoming and recent presentations:

  • Michael Obiri-Yeboah & Sharon Rose. 2018. Domains in Gua vowel harmony. Poster to be presented at the Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America.
  • Andrés Aguilar. 2017. La realización de rasgos laríngeos en el kumiai de Ja'a. VIII Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America, University of Texas, Austin.
  • Gabriela Caballero & Qi Cheng. 2017. Marcación de persona en el kumiai de Ja’a: composicionalidad, homofonía y neutralización. VIII Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America, University of Texas, Austin.
  • Gabriela Caballero. 2017. Tono y estructura morfológica en el rarámuri de Choguita (Tarahumara). VIII Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America, University of Texas, Austin.
  • Matthew Zaslansky. 2017. Northern Azerbaijani Sesqui-Causative Constructions (poster). The 3rd Workshop on Turkish, Turkic and Languages of Turkey, .
  • Gabriela Caballero (in collaboration with Austin German). 2017. Tone and inflection in Choguita Rarámuri (Tarahumara): implications for the typology and theory of morphological tone. University of Chicago, Linguistics Department Colloquium.
  • Gabriela Caballero & Vsevolod Kapatsinski (U of Oregon). 2017. How agglutinative? Searching for cues to meaning in Choguita Rarámuri (Tarahumara) using an amorphous model. Invited presentation for the Workshop on Morphological Typology and Linguistic Cognition, LSA Summer Institute, Kentucky.

Summer fieldwork 2017 - where were we?

  • Sudan - Sharon recorded stories and songs with the Moro community in Omdurman, Sudan.
  • Mexico - Gaby, Qi and Andrés worked on Ja'a Kumiai, and Andrés collected data on Huastec Nahuatl.
  • Ghana - Michael carried out documentation work on Gua in Boso, Ghana.
  • Kazakhstan/Krygyzstan - Adam collected data on vowel harmony in Kazakh, Krygyz, and Uyghur.
  • Azerbaijan - Matt worked on Azerbaijani and did preliminary research on Azerbaijani Sign Language.


We're located in the Applied Physics and Math Building, room 2452

Email: Gabriela Caballero (gcaballero at ucsd dot edu) and Sharon Rose (sxrose at ucsd dot edu)

Mailing address: UCSD Linguistics Department, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0108