The Seventh Workshop on Fine-Grained Visual Categorization

June 19th 2020

Organized in conjunction with CVPR 2020


  • You can find the website for FGVC8 (June 25th 2021) here.

  • 18th June. All the invited talks for FGVC7 are available on our Youtube page here.

  • 12th June. The schedule for the workshop is now available here. There will be three live interactive video discussions.

  • 27th May: Accepted workshop papers are now available here.

  • 16th May: FGVC7 will be virtual!

  • 20th April: We have six active FGVC competitions on Kaggle. More info here.

  • 1st April: Paper deadline this Friday 23:59 PT. CMT site is now live. More info here.

  • 27th March: iMet2020 competition launched.

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  • 28th February: Paper submission deadline 27th of March 3rd April.

  • 26th February: List of confirmed speakers is here. More to follow!

  • 1st February: FGVC7 will be held on Friday, June 19th, the day immediately following the main CVPR conference.

Workshop Description

Fine-grained categorization (called `subordinate categorization’ in the psychology literature) lies in the continuum between basic-level categorization (object recognition) and the identification of individuals (e.g., face recognition, biometrics). The visual distinctions between similar categories are often quite subtle and therefore difficult to address with today’s general-purpose object recognition machinery. This is especially true for domains where data is not readily available on the web (e.g., medical images, or depth data), or domains for which training data is limited. It is likely that a radical re-thinking of the techniques used for representation learning, architecture design, human-in-the-loop learning, few-shot, and self-supervised learning that are currently used for visual recognition will be needed to improve fine-grained categorization.

It is our hope that the invited talks, including researchers from scientific application domains, will shed light on human expertise and human performance in subordinate categorization and on motivating research applications. For additional details, please see the FGVC6 workshop held in 2019.

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The current guidelines are that the CVPR 2020 organizers are still planning on a physical/hybrid meeting and that all workshops/tutorials are planned to take place as scheduled (see http://cvpr2020.thecvf.com/faq). This is a changing situation, so please check the CVPR website for more up-to-date news. In the event of any disruptions, we will still be accepting papers which will be available on the FGVC website after our camera ready deadline and the FGVC competitions are still going ahead as planned. The workshops itself will be held virtually if a physical component is not possible.

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