Site Map

Site Map

Here is a plan of the site, organised by page and rubric. The content is the same in both English and French.

Home page

Entry portal for the site, with a different "look" by comparison with the site "proper". Changing image display to feature (ultimately) only photos taken by members of the Association. Choice of entry into English or French language version of the site. Display of visitor counter.

Welcome page

General introduction the Association. Menu with links to each rubric. Scrollable calendar with link to activities for highlighted dates.

Programme of activities with links to information/inscription sheets. These can be those of AFGB and/or those of other local associations (Del Canos, RBL...). Historic of past activities to be built up over time.

General information about the Association. Aims of the Association, information about membership and how to join AFGB, history of the branch, past and present newsletters, a listing of committee members with photographs and, where they agree, contact details, plus a statement about the association's privacy policy for information on the website.

Complementary information about various sections of the association: the under 40's group, book circle, cinema club, conversation groups and finally a listing of videos in English that member can borrow.

General page

The place for anything that doesn't really "fit" anywhere else! A list of frequently asked questions, links to other websites that may be useful to various readers, a section for jobs offered and sought and finally a section for members' personal advertisements.

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