Food Resource and Education Center

What types of classes are offered at the Food Finders' Education Center?

The Food Finders' Food Resource and Education Center offers four different types of classes: cooking and nutrition classes, general wellness classes, job and career prep classes, and financial literacy classes. This webpage will serve as a library of class materials for the cooking and nutrition classes*, allowing you to access the information taught in the Education Center from the comfort of your own home.

*Note: Some class materials are unavailable because they could not be found or because the class has not been held yet.

Why is nutrition education important?

Nutrition education, specifically community nutrition education, is important in minimizing the risk of obesity and certain chronic diseases, as well as promoting the general health of the public. Taking the cooking and nutrition classes at the Food Finders' Education Center is an excellent way to do your part in creating a healthier community. Utilize the class materials provided on this webpage to bring what you learned in the classroom into your own home. Feel free to share these resources with family and friends, too! Join us as we take this next step to promote healthier future generations.