French Experimental Talks


FETS (French Experimental TalkS) is a group of academics specialized in experimental economics that is run by a network of French scholars. Our objective is to bring together experimentalists to discuss their latest works.

The FETS network organizes a weekly online seminar: Mondays, 12:15-13:15.

Next presentations - 2022-2023

  • November 14, 2022:
    Adriana Pinate, Gran Sasso Science Institute
    Measuring economic-environmental trade-off during a period of crisis: A multi-level investigation

  • November 21, 2022:
    Anna Hochleitner, University of Nottingham
    Strategic Behavior with Tight, Loose, and Polarized Norms

  • November 28, 2022:
    Gerhard Riener, DICE Düsseldorf
    Honesty of teachers and monitoring in Indonesia

  • January 9, 2023:
    Olivier L'Haridon, University of Rennes

  • January 16, 2023:
    Antoine Malézieux, Burgundy School of Business
    Discrimination and elimination patterns in a TV show: the Survivor

  • January 23, 2023:
    Michela Chessa, Université Cote d'Azur

  • March 13, 2023:
    Béatrice Boulu-Reshef, University of Orléans

  • March 20, 2023:
    Taisuke Imai, LMU Munich

  • March 27, 2023:
    Julien Senn, University of Zurich

  • May 15, 2023:
    Béatrice Roussillon, University Grenoble Alpes

  • May 22, 2023:
    Hela Maafi, Université Paris 8

Past presentations - 2022-2023

  • October 24, 2022:
    Morten Stostad, Paris School of Economics
    The Consequences of Inequality: Beliefs and Redistributive Preferences


Organizers: Thibaut Arpinon (CREM), Paolo Crosetto (GAEL), Dimitri Dubois (CEE-M), Romain Espinosa (CIRED), Andrea Guido (LESSAC), Mathieu Lefèbvre (AMSE), Julie Rosaz (LESSAC).


For any question related to the seminar or suggestions for the program, please contact us: romain.espinosa[at]

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