Long Range Planning Activity

Welcome to the website for Phase II of the DOE-FESAC for Long Range Planning Activity.

A Long Range Strategic Planning process for Fusion Energy Sciences process has been completed in response to the charge to the Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee from Dr. J. Stephen Binkley (can be found here).

This activity followed Phase 1 of the Long Range Plan, which was sponsored by the APS Division of Plasma Physics and is known as the DPP Community Planning Process (CPP). This community-led activity occurred over 2019-2020. More information about the CPP process, including the final report, can be found at the CPP website. In 2020, the FESAC LRP Subcommittee used the CPP report to create a strategic plan that is responsive to the charge to FESAC.

The final report, unanimously approved by FESAC is available here.

Latest NEWS

2021/02/11: Release of Powering the Future: Fusion and Plasmas, the FESAC Long Range Planning report

The final Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee Long Range Planning report, “Powering the Future: Fusion & Plasmas” has been released and can be downloaded from here:

This report is the culmination of two-years of community-driven strategic planning. We would like to express my sincere thanks to the entire research community for their hard work and engagement throughout the process. In particular, We would like to thank the leadership of the APS DPP Community Planning Process, members of the FESAC Long Range Planning Subcommittee, and FESAC members for their roles in bringing this first-of-a-kind process to a successful conclusion. Demonstrating to DOE leadership and to Congress that our research community can come together and “speak with one voice” in support of a strategic plan is an important outcome of this process. Let’s capitalize on the momentum we generated together during the long range planning process and work together to accelerate progress toward realizing fusion energy and advancing plasma science and technology.



on behalf of all members of the FESAC Long Range Planning Subcommittee

2020/12/04: The subcommittee report "Powering the Future: Fusion & Plasmas" has been posted!

You can find it the FESAC website. The direct link to the document is: Powering the Future: Fusion & Plasmas

We want to extend our sincerest gratitude to the subcommittee members and to all of you. This has been a two-year effort to create a new vision for fusion energy and plasma science research. Our report would not have been possible without the heavy lift that was the Community Planning Process and the CPP report. Throughout this effort, community members participated in meetings, workshops, interviews and focus groups. When called upon, people volunteered considerable time and effort to help inform the process. We are grateful.

As we have said many times, a top priority for the subcommittee's work has been to maintain the consensus vision embodied in the CPP report. We hope that you see that consensus message amplified in our report. More importantly, we hope that you are inspired by it and find it worthy of your support.

A reminder that the report is not final without FESAC approval; it will be considered and discussed at next week's meeting. We hope to "see" many of you there; it is a public meeting and everyone is welcome to listen in to the discussion.

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2020/11/25: FESAC LRP Subcommittee Report Release Dec 4, FESAC meeting Dec 7-10

Our community’s first-of-a-kind long range planning process for DOE Fusion Energy Sciences is nearing completion. We want to provide an update on the plans for release of the subcommittee report and give you a heads-up on what to expect.

  • We want to start by thanking all of you for your work that was essential for this process: the countless hours invested in the DPP Community Planning Process and your engagement in the FESAC Long Range Planning (LRP) subcommittee process afterward through focus groups and our workshop.

  • The subcommittee report will be publicly released on December 4 and will be posted to the FESAC website:

  • You (and the general public) will get the subcommittee report at the same time as FESAC members. FESAC members will be asked to not discuss the report with each other before the FESAC meeting.

There will be a three-day FESAC meeting the following week, on Dec 7, 8 and 10:

  • The draft agenda for this meeting is here.

  • The meeting is fully public and Zoom connection information will be posted at the FESAC website above.

  • There will be an opportunity for public comment during this meeting; 1.5 hours has been set aside on Tuesday, December 8 for this purpose. To make a public comment you need to submit a request to Sam Barish ( by Dec 7 COB. Usually these are oral comments (limited to ~5 minutes) but written comments may also be submitted for FESAC’s consideration.

What to expect from the subcommittee’s report:

  1. It will be concise and focused on delivering a clear, compelling message to DOE leadership, Congress, OMB and OSTP.

  2. It will answer the FESAC charge and present a unified plan for the entire FES portfolio.

  3. The CPP report will be an essential companion to the report, providing the level of technical detail required for the research community to fully understand the long-range plan.

Keep in mind that the final report will be FESAC’s. This subcommittee report is not official unless adopted by FESAC, and changes may be requested before the report is final.

2020/08/25: "About Us" page published

We are listening and are aware that the community wants to know more about our work and limits on what we can share with the community as we do this work. It took us a while to clarify with DOE what was possible for us to say (thanks to Sam Barish for making himself a pest and going through numerous discussions with DOE Office of General Counsel). Find this page here.

2020/08/24: LRP Subcommittee presentation to FESAC & Opportunity for feedback

A presentation was made at the Aug 24 FESAC meeting about the status of the LRP subcommitte work. You can download a copy of that presentation here:
Aug 24 FESAC LRP Presentation

We welcome feedback in response to the FESAC presentation. Please click below to provide input via a Google for

You are able to provide any additional input, responses to break out summaries, etc via the Google Form with link below:

2020/08/19: Information for August 20th Workshop Posted

Join ZoomGov Meeting

Meeting ID: 161 493 1288

Passcode: 601270

(If the link about doesn't work, please enter in directly meeting ID and passcode to join)

Agenda, Breakout Prompts can be found here. Please register (see the link below) if you plan to participate.

Attendees and breakout group assignments can be found here.

Overview slides from Troy Carter & Laurie Moret are here.

You are able to provide any additional input, responses to break out summaries, etc via the Google Form with link below:

2020/08/12: LRP Subcommittee Update at FESAC meeting August 24th

The next Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (FESAC) meeting is scheduled for August 24th and will be held on Zoom. The FESAC LRP subcommittee will provide an update on our process during the meeting. The meeting is public and we encourage the community to listen to the presentation. Zoom connection details are provided here: and an agenda will be posted there ahead of the meeting.

2020/07/27: Virtual DPS/FST Joint Workshop: Thursday August 20th

We are excited to invite you to register for a virtual workshop on August 20th, 2020 from 8am PT/ 11am ET to 2pm PT / 5pm ET. The workshop follows up on the recently conducted focus groups. We want to bring the Discovery Plasma Science and Fusion Science and Technology communities together to discuss several important topics:

  • Creating a merged vision and mission for FES. How can we merge the vision and mission statements expressed by the FST and DPS communities in the CPP report to express a concise vision and mission for FES?

  • Identifying synergies in program values and criteria. The FST and DPS communities did not have a chance during the CPP process to discuss their independently-determined program values and criteria for prioritization of programs. Are there synergies between the two sets of values and could they be merged into a single set?

  • Identifying potential strategies for creating a whole-portfolio LRP. The CPP report presents two separate plans, one for FST and one for DPS, as there was insufficient time during the process to allow discussion between the two communities in order to develop a consensus merged plan for FES. How can the priorities of both communities be accommodated under a single strategic plan for FES?

The agenda is still in development and will be posted shortly. You can anticipate a significant portion of time spent in small group discussion, similar to the breakout groups used during the CPP workshops. The organization will be designed to focus conversation and enable the development and maintenance of consensus as we continue to move closer to a final report. This workshop is critical for the strategic planning process, and we would like to encourage everyone to attend.

Please register for the workshop using the link below. We look forward to seeing you then.

2020/06/23: LRP Subcommittee FESAC presentation posted & opportunity for feedback/community input

A presentation was made at the June 23 FESAC meeting about the status of the LRP subcommitte work. You can download a copy of that presentation here:
June 23 FESAC LRP Presentation

We welcome feedback in response to the FESAC presentation. Please click below to provide input via a Google form:

2020/06/08: We are organizing Focus Groups to provide input to the LRP on Program Balance

Initial focus groups will occur June 11 and June 12; we expect to provide additional dates.

2020/05/30: We have compiled Frequently Asked Questions regarding the CPP report (Phase I)

We have also opened a form to hear any other clarifying questions about the CPP report that you may have.

You can find the FAQs and the form to submit your question on the "CPP FAQs" page:

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