About Us

Our Mission

We empower our girls to excel in rigorous academics and character education while fostering them to be positive forces in our global community.

What Sets GPA Apart?

  • 1:1 iPad Initiative
  • Every student receives their very own iPad to use throughout the school year while at school.
  • Students learn 21st century skills
  • No lost work! Digital work flow prevents students from misplacing an assignment
  • Multiple ways to assess knowledge. Note taking, drawing pictures, creating videos, recording your voice, etc
  • Instant feedback. Teachers can instantly grade and provide feedback on assignments
  • We incorporate Google Classroom and Office 365, providing students with the tools to be successful.
  • Cambridge International Candidate School

Our Vision

Developing confident, dynamic, educated young women.

Focus on developing the 3 Cs:

  • We want all our girls to be Competent, Confident, and Connected.
  • This is the basis of self-esteem so by ensuring our girls develop the 3Cs
  • They will be prepared to be successful in any future endeavor.

Emphasis on Community

A lot of time is spent developing a sense of community. Your daughter will become part of the Girls Preparatory family.

College Preparatory Theme

  • Rigorous, Challenging, and Engaging Classes including 7 high school credit courses
  • Organizational, Study, and Time Management Skill Development
  • House Systems based on the sorority house model (sisterhood, smaller learning community, community service projects, etc.)
  • Each house creates character development, study and organizational skill, accountability and goal setting, study halls, as well as community service learning projects during extended homeroom time on Mondays.
  • College Bound Culture

After-School Enrichment Academies

  • Free to all students
  • Offered Tuesdays - Fridays
  • After school to 4:45 pm
  • Up to 10 different programs are offered each day!
  • Choose up to 4 days of activities!
  • Yoga, Dance, Edible Science, 3D Printing, Rock Band, Archery, Golf, and much more!

Less distractions and more of a focus on learning

Distractions are reduced with a single gender environment and the incorporation of uniforms.

We believe everyone can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.