What's the time frame for machine delivery?

Projected Machine delivery time for standard machines is 40-50 Days, and for Special pupose machines is 60 days.

Can i have custom specIPICATION machine?

Yes!, you can order custom specification machines, in that you can almost customize every aspects of machines for you operation purposes.

The Design period and the machine delivery period for such custom specification machines depends on the type of customization needed to be done.

Also, the part needed to be manufactured on the machine is to be submitted as sample to achieve perfection, in later stage production process.

How can i decide on which machine to get

It's up to you, and your experience for deciding machines.

if you need our assistance for deciding what kind of machine you require for your product and manufacturing requirements, we require certain things to recommend you the ideal machines.

1. Physical object your want to mould.

2. Material you want to use.

3. Max output quantity you require per day.

Provide us with the above mentioned things and we will recommned you, your ideal required machines.

How can i contact ?

Please Visit the contacts page to see all informations about how you can reach us.

What Else Do you Manufacture ?

We manufacture Vertical Injection Moulding Machines & Molds.

What is the production rate of the machine?

Depending on the machine you select and also th object you want to mould, we will provide you with the net estimated output that you can achieve per hour.

Will my machine be production tested ?

Yes, all the machines manufactured by us are production tested, when the machine enters the final production stages we request customer to send their mold and desired material to be molded, we then setup the machine and material to required operation specifications and then start trial production, where the customer is asked to attend the operation and when sattisfied with the final finished molded component, that savefile is provided for your ease when that machine is setup in customers production plant, all you have to do is just load savefile and start production