My clients often consult with me about issues that can be resolved in a few sessions, or even in a single conversation. Such encounters do not require me to know you very well in order to be helpful. But most of the issues listed on my website cannot be effectively addressed without taking your unique circumstances, history and personality into account. Further, it is not always clear at the outset what the important issues really are; especially when the presenting complaint is a general condition like anxiety, depression, parenting or a relationship. I wish more clients would also consult with me for developmental, philosophical and intellectual purposes; or just for fun.

In order to develop a comprehensive theory about you quickly, I have evolved an assessment process I employ with most of my new clients. During our first session you tell me about yourself and your situation in whatever terms you have formulated. We get an impression of one another but it is rarely systematic or comprehensive. In our next session, which takes 2 or 3 hours, you tell me your life story in the form of a structured conversation that I videotape in order to review, ponder and analyze alone in my office over half a day, in conjunction with the results of a psychological test that I like. This process usually leads me to a clear and comprehensive theory about your circumstances, history and personality, which I relate to you in detail during our third session; along with my observations and suggestions. I charge a total of $1425 for this process. At this point we may be done or we may choose to pursue something further. Going forward, my clients consult with me a few times a year and at every other frequency. My fee for 70-minute sessions is $225. Once I know you I can be helpful more efficiently. You don’t need to have a problem in order to benefit from this process. Trust me. Call me.