Joe Ferguson, PhD

Personal Counseling & Psychotherapy

PhD Fielding University

MBA Wharton School of Business

$225 Per 70 Minute Session

Walking Distance From St. John's College (505) 913-7159

I love working through challenging situations with people and I have found that most issues can be resolved over the course of a few weeks or months. My sessions are usually about 70 minutes because that's how long a complete and satisfying discussion takes. I don't intend to see you for nearly as long or as often as you think, and you might be surprised at the range of things I want to talk about. Your life is a lot more than your presenting complaint. A limited series of focused discussions can be very productive and I would like to have a few of them with you. I will bring a wide range of academic, clinical, business and personal experience to our conversations. Trust me. Call me.