With no two decking projects alike. We take the time to understand your vision, and help you plan the deck of your dreams.

Whether you have your project set in your mind, or would like to use our design experience. You can be assured of a friendly and constructive consultation.

If you invite us to give you a quote, we won’t send you a sales person, you will be talking to the person who will hopefully be constructing your deck.


The best projects start with good design!

We can work off plan, or design your deck for you. Well point out any strengths and weaknesses of the different elements and features.

We will take the time to get the design right, before any work starts.

We want you to be confident that you’ll get the deck of your dreams.

If it takes more than one visit, then that’s no problem, we understand this is a big project for you, and you want it right.

If it helps we can use computer aided design (CAD) to visualise your ideas.


Standing on our Expertise.

Most of the construction of a deck goes unseen. However the framework and supports are the most important part.

We won’t give you a quote to beat our competitors, We’ll give a sensible quote allowing for a strong well supported and well constructed Deck.

We won’t compromise on the construction just to give the cheapest quote.

We stand by our work, so you can stand on it.