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Fellowship of the Ring

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Matt Mastroeni (Iowa State University)

Title: Chow rings of matroids are Koszul

Abstract: Koszul algebras have long been studied in connection with topology and representation theory for their exceptional homological and duality properties, and they appear with incredible frequency among rings at the intersection of commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, and combinatorics. The Chow ring of a matroid is just such a ring - a commutative, graded, Artinian, Gorenstein algebra with linear and quadratic relations defined by the matroid, which recently played an important role in establishing a number of long-standing conjectures on the combinatorics of matroids.

Scientific committee

  • Christine Berkesch (Minnesota)

  • Dale Cutkosky (Missouri)

  • David Eisenbud (Berkeley)

  • Mel Hochster (Michigan)

  • Srikanth Iyengar (Utah)

  • Claudia Miller (Syracuse)

  • Irena Peeva (Cornell)

  • Karl Schwede (Utah)

  • Bernd Ulrich (Purdue)