Felix Fattinger

I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Brain, Mind & Markets Laboratory and the Department of Finance at the University of Melbourne. I received my PhD from the University of Zurich in January 2018. In 2016, I spent one year as a visiting researcher at the Toulouse School of Economics. You can find my CV here.

From Fall 2020, I will join WU Vienna and the VGSF as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in Finance.

My research focuses on asset pricing, combining theoretical work with experimental and empirical analysis. I am particularly interested in complexity, both from a markets and a retail investor perspective. In my job market paper (winner of the WFA 2019 NASDAQ Award for best Asset Pricing Paper), I study how humans trade complex risks.

To get in contact, please send me an email.

Recent and upcoming conferences

  • 30th Annual Utah Winter Finance Conference
  • FIRN 2019
  • EFA 2019
  • CEPR European Summer Symposium in Financial Markets
  • Econometric Society Australasian Meeting 2019
  • WFA 2019
  • EF 2019
  • Barcelona GSE Summer Forum 2019
  • MPI Experimental Finance Workshop 2019
  • Paris December Finance Meeting 2018