Research topics

(1) Grain growth of minerals

  • Fei et al. EPSL 2021 (grain growth of bridgmanite) [link]

(more manuscripts about bridgmanite grain growth in preparation/under review)

(2) Silicate melts

  • Fei, GRL 2021 (water in hydrous melt) [link]

(3) Water incorporation and solubility in minerals

  • Fei & Katsura EPSL 2020 (water solubility in ringwoodite) [link]

  • Fei & Katsura GRL 2021 (water solubility in Fe-bearing wadsleyite) [link]

  • Druzhbin et al. EPSL 2021* (water solubility in wadsleyite) [link]

  • Fei & Katsura JGR 2020 (water incorporation and solubility in olivine) [link]

(4) Dislocation recovery

(5) Electrical conductivity

(6) Phase relation, phase transformation

  • Fei et al. GRL 2020 (MgFeO2.5 in bridgmanite) [link]

(more manuscript about bridgmanite chemistry under review)

(7) High pressure experimental techniques

  • Zarei et al. HPR 2018* (zero-gradient cell) [link]

  • Bondar et al. RSI 2020* (rapid quench technique) [link]

(8) Diffusion in minerals and mantle rheology

only 1st author and/or corresponding author by H. Fei are listed)

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Experimental experiences

  • Multi-anvil; Piston-cylinder; gas mixing furnace; lathe; Synchron multi-anvil (SPring8, DESY)

  • FTIR; SIMS; SEM; EBSD; Microprobe; FIB; TEM; ICP-MS; Raman; single crystal and powder XRD; confocal microscope; impedance analyzer; Synchron Mossbauer (SPring8).

  • VB, C/C++, C# programming; 3D-modeling.