How to Style Fedora Hat

So you want to learn how to style a gorgeous black fedora.

This is actually one of my favorite hats. There are a few hats that I absolutely love and this probably nudges as number one.

The reason being is it can totally up your style game and open you up to a whole different genre of style, using all the same pieces that you already have.

Let's get into what type of fedora you want.

There are several different types of fedoras but what I recommend is a black wool fedora with a wide brim and a leather strap, no feathers. Feathers are sweet but not for this style.

This is more of your high-level styled casual type of look.

The other type of fedora that's out there is more of a 'dressy' fedora that you can wear with suits. It's a stingy brim black wool fedora with a beautifully finished edge and a cloth strap.

Next stuff we need to figure out is where we're actually going to buy this thing.

There are three different types of places to look for when you're buying a fedora.

My favorite place to buy a fedora and the place to get a really spot-on awesome one is a hat specialty store that does not do any baseball hats.

They're a little bit harder to find but the best way to find one is go to a black church and then ask any of the gentlemen they are wearing a sweet fedora where they bought it and then let you in on the big secret of where to find amazing fedoras.

The next place is to get it custom-made in New York. It's obviously quite a bit more expensive but the hats turn out amazing. Only problem is if you don't have it right, you can't return it.

The third place that's a little bit more cost-effective is a place like H&M or Zara.

The thing is that you can have awesome style at any price point. A place that I recommend if you're on a lower budget is a place like Zara or H&M.

How do you actually wear the fedora.

My favorite way of wearing a fedora is you style the front section of your hair, like a pompadour to the side and then you take your hat and you put it on the crown of your head, right behind the front section that's going up on your hair.

This is my absolute favorite way and I think this is the most stylish way to wear this hat.

The next option is you wear it over the front portion of your forehead. That's about a half an inch above your eyebrows. That is where you want the front part of the brim to go.

When you do this, you don't want to cock it sideways all the way, like Michael Jackson used to do in 80s. It doesn't quite look right.

What you want to do is lay it straight, put down in the back and then you want it just about half an inch above your eyebrows. You want the front section of the hat not tilted up, you want sort of gently tilt it down. It looks pretty sweet.

This is how you wear the fedora.

Moving on from there, let's talk about how to style this bad boy. That's an important piece because if you don't actually style it correctly, it's going to look a little bit out of place.

The ways that I like to style a fedora are generally with blacks.

Black on black is something you should not be afraid of. It's not like white on white or like blue on blue. Black on black looks awesome.

So take black leather jacket, your black shirt and your black jeans and then your black wide brim fedora. Style the front part of your hair and that is going to look so legit.

Another way to do that is with denim button-ups. They work with fedora concept but you have to have style it with a jacket.

You can roll the sleeves and you might want to have some accessories on. Something that really works when you're wearing a fedora is if you have a few accessories that go along with it, like a scarf.

Another thing you can do is a vest. A vest that looks more formal but you're throwing it on with something that's more casual and button-up.

Last but not least, a way to make a fedora look awesome is just to wear it simply: a pair of black jeans, a white t-shirt and your fedora and with a few accessories. That looks super cool. It's so simple, it's so elegant but it just stands out and it just adds that little something, takes your style game to another tier.

Fedora is worth the try. It is a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe. It'll take those simple casual looks that look great already and just add a whole another dimension to your style game.

When you put this thing on you're going to feel so cool when you do it the right way.