About me

Hi! I am a postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute of Computational Neuroscience in Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). I am involved in a Cell Signaling / Image processing and Analysis project where Ca2+ signaling in T cells is studied in adaptive immune system.

Earlier, I spent three years of amazing postdoctoral research in MINDS research group headed by professor Herbert Jaeger, one of the pioneers of reservoir computing. As a part of an EU project (NeuRAM3), our group worked on spiking reservoir computing and its implementation on neuromorphic hardwares. Specifically, within a setting at the crossroads between machine learning, theory of computing, computational neuroscience, and medical applications, I set up a machine learning benchmark in the domain of online biosignal processing, optimized a reservoir computing based neural learning algorithm, in a standard full-precision implementation (Matlab) on a digital computer and succeeded to significantly surpass the documented SoA on the chosen benchmark. For the same task, I also designed a spiking reservoir computer simulated on BRIAN.

I received my PhD in biomedical engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Iran. In my PhD thesis, to model the dynamics of mood swings in bipolar disorders, I have proposed a novel complex model based on the notion of competition between recurrent maps, which mathematically represent the dynamics of neural activation in excitatory (Glutamatergic) and inhibitory (GABAergic) pathways in the brain.

I am strongly interested in studying the neuronal mechanisms through which the brain achieves the cognitive and affective functions such as learning, decision- making, and emotion regulation/processing. In my opinion, in order to investigate the dynamical aspects of information processing in the brain, computational modelling using the behavioural data obtained by EEG, EMG, actigraphy and different neuroimaging modalities is of great importance. Therefore, I have been constantly working to improve my skills in data analysis, signal/image processing and machine learning as prerequisites for any neuroscience research.

Here is my Google Scholar profile and I'm also active in LinkedIn, Research gate and Twitter.

Fatemeh Hadaeghi

Postdoctoral Fellow for Computational Neuroscience

Institute of Computational Neuroscience

Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)

Martinistrasse 52 , 20246 Hamburg, Germany

Email: f.hadaeghi@uke.de