Family Essentials Ministries

"It's about faith, family, and being the best parent you can be."

Lans Jones



On mission to:

Help fathers and mothers become better parents and people

Serving others through:

Conference speaking, parent coaching, group facilitating, and mentoring

Specializing in:

Developing parenting specific programs and curricula from a biblical perspective.

Parenting Essentials while Quarantined

  • Pray for them, with them, over them, and continually

  • Be as age appropriately honest with them as you can - it creates credibility

  • Take their temperatures regularly, not just physically but check their emotional, mental, and spiritual temperatures (health / well being)

  • Create some norms & expectations for them. Have and or make weekly, daily, and if necessary, hourly schedules. Focus on consistency of activities with variety of routines.

(Ex. Homework time, Reading hour, Writing time (story, play, songs,) T.V or movie time, Exercise time, play and game time , peer contact time)

  • Love your spouse intentionally and visibly. Practice his or her love language, practice patience, and practice forgiveness).


I know you’re out there. I see you. Others try to tell me that you don’t exist or that you’re very rare but I don’t believe them because I see you.

Every day I see you out there putting in the work, taking the time, having fun, and teaching lessons about life, love, and family in your own unique way. I see you great dads.

I see you at your children’s football games and volleyball matches cheering them on whether they come in first or last, win or lose. I see you at their graduation ceremony taking pictures, bursting with pride for your child whether he or she is graduating from pre-K or college. I see you at the plays, dance recitals, and spelling contest. I hear your cheers and can feel how proud you are of your children. I see you great dads.

I see you in the grocery store picking up lunches for your kids. I See you at the bus stop with the diaper bag over your shoulder and your hands on the stroller as you wait for the bus with your babies. I see you listening to stories about what happened at school today as you drive down the street with them taking them wherever they need to go. I see you great dads.

I see you hiding your own pain for the sake of your kids after that ugly divorce. I see you buying the things you think they need even after you’ve paid your child support. I See you being careful about who you date next because you don’t want your kids to get too attached too quickly. I see you letting that woman you really liked leave because your kids couldn’t handle your new relationship. I see you great dads.

I see you. Yes, I see you great dads, and you know who else sees you? Your kids!

Lans Jones

American Association of Christian Counselors

Parent Coach Certified

7 Secrets of Effective Fathers

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