Online Will Kit

Tips for Doing Your Own Will With An Online Kit in Australia

Often people die without having created a legal will and in these cases often their assets get to be shared with their closest relatives. Sometimes this might not be the preference of the deceased, or when an individual or couple wants to ensure that particular assets go to specific people, then creating a legal will might be more convenient.

This can avoid any issues in the future between those in receipt of assets; but it can also offer peace of mind to the individual that passes on. In the event of death and without the presence of an authorised will things can get very messy - and this is where doing your own will can be beneficial to all parties involved.

Can anyone create their own Will?

Generally speaking, any adult can create a will – but the way in which the document should be created can dictate whether or not the content contained within will be recognised in a court of law; or when a solicitor is dividing assets on behalf of the will-writer. In order for a will to be considered the final authority on a person’s pre-death wishes, a legal will kit should possess each of the following features.

Features of a Do-It-Yourself Will Kit

· A signature from the creator of the will

· A witness signature

· An official date of creation

Although these might seem like fairly straight forward traits for a document to possess, because of the threat of forgeries it’s not uncommon for even the most legitimate document to be extensively reviewed in a legal setting. If anything seems untoward then the contents might be deemed unofficial and the will could find itself being unusable.

Online Legal Will Kits - Licensed Agencies

In an effort to avoid this, many people are turning to online legal will kits – specifically those that are issued by licensed agencies and can’t be forged.

Rather than creating a paper will, being able to take care of all of the information within a digital environment won’t just add security to the contents of the document – it can also save a lot of time by avoiding the need to print and have paperwork notarised. These types of wills are available from $25 online and are legally recognised throughout Australia; reducing the risk of forgeries entirely.

Final Thoughts on Creating Your Own Will

There are only a few ways to create a legal will in this day and age and each of them either require official documentation, a solicitor’s guidance, or a formally recognised set of paperwork that has been notarised. For those that are keen to minimise their expenses and reduce the amount of time that the will-writing process takes; an online form can be the most beneficial.