About this project

Hello there! My name is Solenne, a Patriot in American Heritage Girls at Our Lady Star of the Sea.

I am the producer/director of this film and I am so excited that you are taking an interest in my project!

This film follows the story of the Eucharistic Miracle of Bolsena-Orvieto, which took place in 1263. That year, Fr. Peter of Prague, a priest doubtful of the Real Presence, was celebrating Mass in the Church of St. Christina when the consecrated Host began to bleed. It is said that this miracle, in conjunction with the visions of St. Juliana of Liège, caused Pope Urban IV to institute the Feast of Corpus Christi for the universal Catholic Church.

I am producing this film as a part of earning my Stars and Stripes Award, which is the pinnacle award for members of the American Heritage Girls program. The main component of this award is a large-scale service effort that accumulates at least 100 hours of volunteer service. The project must create a lasting impact for a worthy community and demonstrate the girl's ability to plan, organize, and lead an endeavor of this size. As I brainstormed projects that fit these criteria, God planted a seed in my heart to make a film about this miracle.

Fr. Lappe, our pastor, first wrote the play that inspired this film in 2006 and I participated in it for the first time in 2011 at age 8. I vividly recall seeing the Host “bleed” for the first time as I acted my part as a village peasant. Even though I knew it was merely special effects for the show, it stirred something inside me. For the next five years, I was a part of the "Corpus Christi Play" - until the parish could no longer facilitate the annual production.

Ever since then, I’ve yearned to bring this beautiful story to life in a way that would last, without the continuous work of theater production. I’m thrilled to take this dream and make it a reality. It is an incredible opportunity to give back, grow in leadership and virtue, and give people the chance to encounter Christ.

By the conclusion of this project, over 1800 volunteer hours were logged from the 20+ individuals who participated as cast and crew. I myself invested over 500 of those hours as I wore the hats of writer, director, producer, and editor. While it was an enormous undertaking, I'm incredibly grateful for the support of my community as we collaborated to bring this to the screen. I hope that this story of faith and hope touches you in the same way it touched me. God bless!

– Solenne

Still have questions and want to learn more? Visit the FAQ page or email me at faithprevailsmovie@gmail.com