From the Pastor's Desk

Dear Friends,

Please Don't Sit Down On Your God-Given Gift!

There are not only many that have sat down on their God Given Gift, but have literally put it up on the shelf of their mind until they think just maybe, they may use it some day. Well My Friend, Today is the best day to take it down off the shelf it's been sitting on and use it to The Glory Of God Not Tomorrow Or Someday But, Today As God Has Gifted Every Member Of The Body Of Christ With A Ministry. When all members of the Body Of Christ are active using the Ministries they have been given by God, there is great Fulfillment and Unity in the Church as we all feel the Spirit Of Unity and are Very Blessed by The Ministries Of Each Other Given By God.

The Bible tells us in I Corinthians 12: 1-31 that each one In The Body Of Christ have Different Gifts but All In One Body Of Christ.

The Apostle Paul admonishes the Church at Corinth to Work Within The God Given Gifts That Each One Has Been Given Them.

Maybe You sat down on your Gift because You felt like no one ever believed in You or Your God Given Gift and You have never had the opportunity to use it To The Glory Of God. Well, At Faith Bible Way, We Sincerely Believe that every Soul has A God Given Gift and should most certainly use it In The Body Of Christ as it takes all body parts working together for The Body to work correctly.

It has always struck me very hard how that The Apostle Paul told the Church at Corinth in I Corinthians 12 The eye can't say to the hand, I have no need of thee. Nor again the head to the feet I have no need of you. Here's what really gets my attention in Verse 22 which says: Nay much more those members of the body, which seem to be more feeble are necessary. He's telling The Church At Corinth: Those who seem feeble or are forgotten are necessary. They are Necessary To The Operation Of The Body Of Christ.

Verse 23 tells us: And those members of The Body which we think to be less honorable upon these we bestow more abundant honor and our comely parts have more abundant comeliness. Verse 27: Now ye are The Body Of Christ and Members in Particular. KJV

I've said all this to say there are many souls that have been disregarded the importance of the operation of their gift. As a result, We Welcome You To Be A very Vital Part Of The Body Of Christ. I personally would like to get to know You and know What Your Gift Is. Please! Don't Sit Down On Your God-Given Gift!

Yours In Christ,

Pastor; Elder Donald Gilmore, Jr.