a community at-risk

The Frozen Sisters and our friends know that access to resources can literally save lives, so we are establishing a new emergency grant for LBGTQIA+ Alaskans.

Members of the queer community—especially youth—often more vulnerable than straight, cis people to serious social, mental, and health problems like homelessness, suicide, and sexually transmitted diseases. In Alaska, our Indigenous and POC friends in particular face intersectional hardships that amplify marginalization. It is The Frozen Sisters' hope that we can reduce the discrimination and isolation of our Alaskan community members by providing a financial lifeline in times of need. We aim to make funds in the amount of approximately $50 to $500 available within 72 hours of receipt of an application demonstrating need. We anticipate that funds may be used for, e.g., airfare for medical reasons, housing for youth who have been kicked out of their homes, small fees to purchase gender-affirming items, or other similar purchases.

100% of proceeds and donations from the volunteer-run Fairybanks Pride 2019 will go towards a fund for our emergency grant. We expect the first round of quarterly applications to open by October 1. In June 2019, notices of interest and nominations will be accepted for board of Frozen Sisters and community members who will review application guidelines and submissions to ensure transparency in our handling of grant funds. We are currently in negotiations with local non-profits to have them host our bank account until The Frozen Sisters have finalized our process of becoming a 501(c)(3) organization. No members of the board or The Frozen Sisters receive payment for any of this work (strictly on a volunteer basis).

Would you like to help make a meaningful difference?

Consider making a donation to The Frozen Sisters' emergency grant scheme. No matter how small, 100% of your money will go directly to those in need. For larger contributions, we are happy to discuss named scholarships. Please e-mail