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Welcome to the World of Fairy Gardening!

Welcome to the World of Fairy Gardening! Magical Fairy Gardens for all ages. At Fairy Gardens of Eden, we believe that fairy gardening is more than just a hobby. Its a way to reconnect with nature and tap into your creativity. So whether you're looking to create a fairy garden for your own backyard or as a gift for a loved one, were here to help make your fairy garden dreams a reality.


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Fairy gardens are a variation of the miniature gardens which have been creating quite a buzz for a couple of years now. Fairy gardens seem to look best in a container of some sort although of course it's also possible to create one as part of your main garden or as a feature in an existing area. You can buy a beautiful tub, half barrel or similar, or get creative with Belfast sinks, tin bathtubs, old tires or large flower pots- there's no right or wrong container!

What makes up a fairy garden? It's really only limited by your imagination, but in general a fairy garden will consist of a container, miniature plants either in pots or planted, moss, crystals, stones/pebbles, and perhaps a fairy house or two. It's also possible to incorporate ponds, rivers, and accessories- there are manufacturers producing a wide range of amazing items to fully accessorize your garden, from stepping stones and seats to swings and garden implements. Generally speaking the more unique the better- try beach combing or countryside walks to find unusual objects, wood, rocks, fossils etc which might come in useful.


Gardens which are modest in size often appear more spacious when screened off or divided up into different rooms. The typical American fairy garden needs areas of deep shade which can be gained from mature trees, fencing or awning type structures, the modern application of which comes in large sunshade calico triangles for suspending between posts, trees or fences.

Ferns, foxgloves, fairy grass, lily of the valley, primroses and wild violets thrive in shade and with other additions like cyclamen, miniature daffodils, aquilegia, crocuses, mosses, hostas and ivy, the season of interest may be extended. Fairies certainly need places to play and old tree stumps are perfect.

Have you ever wondered why space is important in gardening? Even in miniature landscaping, space is a crucial element of design. It defines importance to objects, provides areas that make the design interesting, and leads the eye through the garden. The tip to bringing a sense of order to garden spaces is to add negative and positive features by using hardscape.

Since positive space refers to the area that an object occupies, negative space is the open area between the design elements. When planning a miniature garden, consider negative areas of design that contain pebbles, sand, stepping stones, or lawn. With these elements in the garden, the eyes will be able to rest and notice the important visual accessories.

Fairy Gardens of Eden -

Fairy gardens are not a new idea; however, bringing them indoors is.

They are in either a pot or unique basket filled with a tasty, mixed variety of culinary herbs, little topiaries, blooming mini scented plants (geraniums, roses, Ivys, cosmos etc.,) and cute little fairy furniture. Tiny trellies, chairs, wheel barrels, and buckets accessorize them as well. They are very realistic if placed in a 'low & long' or 'low & wide' container, where you see the actual nature scene with the different levels and adorable 'naturistic' furniture.

These Fairy gardens are absolutely enchanting to any room, and useful in your most culinary dishes. They can appear immortal, if taken care of properly, and if kept in a sunny location; they will stay very nice for long periods of time.


Miniature Gardening

Fairy garden kit is a fun way to create a pint-size realistic landscape that capture the atmosphere and magnificence in a natural landscape. They are intriguing to make and catch the attention of people of all ages. The hardest part is choosing what type of design to create. The possibilities are endless... make them as large or as small as your imagination (and space) will allow. The theme can be a beach or forest scene, a vegetable garden, a more formal garden with fairy houses and statues or even a hidden secret garden. Almost any tiny world you can imagine can be gathered into a small container with the right accessories and details. Carefully plan your miniature landscape beforehand, keeping everything within scale. After deciding on a theme, you will need to choose a container and plants best suited to complete your vision. When planning your miniature landscape, consider if it will be viewed from all sides or just one.

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A fairy garden is a great kids party activity, especially if your theme is a fairy party, garden party, or tea party. A dinosaur den or construction site garden is a fun alternativefor little boys too. Here's how to make a magical miniature garden kids will love.

This project is a truly unique kids party activity, combining fun, fantasy, and learning. Kids love getting their hands dirty and learning how things grow. They will also love the idea of making a magical garden place for a fairy to live.


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