Faceless DKP Setup

This is intended to assist you in setting up a DKP account with our DKP system. You must both get an account created and claim a character to be able to bid on items.

Visit the site by going to this page: OpenDKP

You will see a login screen (pictured below):

You will want to select the "Register" link (pictured), which will then open the Account Creation screen (pictured below)

Account creation is essentially explained within the page itself, as you see in the above image you need to select a Username (this can be anything), a Nickname (this must be your Character name), email -- this must be a real email you can receive messages at (the system sends you a verification code to activate it), and a Password--the password rules are explained on the site.

Once you have entered all of those values, hit the Create Account button.

Once you do this it will take you to the Verification screen (pictured below.)

The Verification screen should pre-populate your username (leave that alone), and has a box to type in the Verification Code. The Verification Code is sent to you via email, and must be entered to continue with account creation. The email you receive will be from no-reply@verificationemail.com, it is highly likely this email will be filtered to spam by default, so be sure to check your spam box. The email is pictured below.

The verification code is in the body of the email. Once you have it, copy/paste it into the Verification Code box on the DKP site, and hit "Verify Email."

You will immediately be taken back to the Login Screen, to continue, type in the username and password you've just created. Once you login, you will see the "Request Access" dialogue (pictured below.) You should go ahead and click the "Request Access" button immediately.

For this site, when you create an account, an administrator must approve your access. While the dialogue says that this request is put in when you register the account, you should still hit "Request Access" to make sure the Request is created. An officer should be able to approve you within 1 day, but feel free to DM us on Discord. Unfortunately you do not receive any sort of notification when you are approved, you need to just come back to the page (close out of it completely), and then when you are informed your access is approved you can go back to the site and should be able to access the DKP system. Note, to make sure your request has been filed you should see the below image when you go to the Request page: Pending Request Page (click)

When you log back in after your access has been approved, it should take you to the DKP Summary Page, if it does not (for example if it just stays on the login page after you've logged in), click the "Summary" link in the top left (pictured below, in red outline), and it should load the "summary" page that looks like the below picture--this should show characters grouped by class with their DKP balances showing. If your access has been approved and you're not seeing this, or you're still seeing the Request Access page, you need to contact an Officer. As a quick check also try going to this link manually to make sure it can load up the Summary for you: DKP Summary Page

At this point you are almost there! The last thing you need to do is associate your account with your character in the guild, this will allow you to bid on loot, and do other actions in the DKP system. To begin this process, in the left-hand menu of the site, click on "Characters" at the bottom left--it is outlined in Red in the picture below.

This will open the "Character" screen, which will show a grid of Characters. You can search for your character by name in the filter box (outlined in red in the below picture), or you can find them manually and select them from the list (note: the list has a pager at the bottom, so you may have to page to one of the later pages to find your character if it is not on page 1.) If you haven't played in a while you may want to select the "Include Inactives" option, beside the filter box (this is highlighted in orange in the picture below.)

Once you have found and selected your character, you will be in the Character detail screen, which shows in depth information about the Character, including their name, level, race and gender. Note that we pre-populate some of these values, if we have your race or gender wrong, you can change it once you have claimed the character. You should notice (outlined in red, pictured below) the "Claim Character" button at the top right of the Character detail screen, you should click on that to begin claiming your character.

There will be an indication at the bottom of the Character Details pane when your Claim request has gone in--an officer will need to approve it, and you can reach out to one of us to let us know that a request is pending and we will approve ASAP. Below is what the screen will look like when the request has been made.

When you have been informed your character request was approved, you should log out and back into the system (it may even force you to do so.) Once you are logged back in, you should be able to go to your profile (top right of site, click the profile picture icon, and then click on the Profile button (pictured below, outlined in red)

You can also go to your profile directly with this link (must be logged in): Profile Link

Finally, when you have the Profile screen open, it should show your now-claimed character, if it does not, contact an officer.

Congratulations! You are now setup in the DKP system and are ready to participate in item auctions.