Have you ever wanted more memories? Now you can with a Face Chapter "Membership!"

One Time Session $135 - $20,000+ (Depends)

This is a perfect choice for small bands and startups. $60 Session Booking FEE! (This goes toward your order - Cancellations not given reschedule notice within 24hrs will be given half credit for another date)

One time projects such as head shots / music videos, commercials, weddings, etc.

Changes 1-3 Outfits / 2-8 People

Ideal for Head-shot / Social Profiles / Branding / Marketing

Receives 1-24+ Images (Minimum of 1 retail image of $50 Digital File) Session 2-3 Hours

To discover if project is a go, FILL OUT SURVEY! (At the Bottom of page)

Face Chapter Plans $10 - $125 / month

This is the best choice for aspiring Models, Fashion Designers, Families and Startups.

A $10 = 1 Pics / 1 Outfit (1 person)

B $20 = 3 Pics / 2 Outfits (2 people)

C $40 = 6 Pics / 3 Outfits (3 people)

D $80 = 12 Pics / 3 Outfits (4 people)

E $125 = 24 Pics / 4 Outfits (8 people)

(You can CANCEL after 1 month anytime. If you stay active, you will receive ½ rollover of month’s addition on the next order of past pics.)

  • Each additional person is only $5, to add on to the session.

Face Chapter Membership = $99 Signup

One time sign up. You can cancel after one month's fees.

Pay a year's in advance if you'd like!

Restart sign up fee is $75.

Benefits = No Monthly Sessions Fees / 25% off of Additional Images & Prints!

Location Venues = Gresham + growing!

Special Events = TBA

Holidays Shoots

Instant Prints

Highlighted On "Style Versatile" Blog and other Social Media Websites!


Consider getting HP Instant Ink as a Face Chapter Member as you'll be able to print out as many photos as your heart desires!

If you do not care for membership here are the prices per picture print and or digital file!

Standard Print Sizes:

Glossy 4x6 print = $4.00

Glossy 5x7 print = $10.00

Glossy 8x10 print = $20.00

Laminated 8.5 x 14 = $25

Large Prints:

      • 11 x 14 = $35.00
      • 16 x 20 = $45.00
      • 24 x 36 = $99.00

If you care only for the digital files, then membership option is best outcome. You can pay a year's total in advance. And just request for photos.

Should you choose not to do the membership process. A $60 Session Fee Deposit is needed.

And each digital image is $40 without any prints! You will have the flexibility to print out your prints with a waiver released signed with receipt.


Face Chapter Business Promoter, there is a One time Setup Fee of $199.00 and You will receive a WELCOME 50 (Sets of 4x6's prints), 4(5x7's), 3 (8x10's) and a Laminated 8.5 x 14 of your session. Manager has to keep an active C-E account to be an active paid out monthly!

To RECEIVE a POWER POINT of the PRESENTATION please EMAIL with inquiry! Put in Subject Line: "MANAGER / PROMOTER INFO"