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In this socially connected world, Facebook is one of the highly ranked social networking platforms that allow us to stay in touch with each other. You can not only make new friends over this platform but also find your old mates and get connected to them. All you need to do is access your account using the Facebook login credentials and get in touch with your buddies.

However, before you can access your account and make friends over it, you should have created an account over it. So, prior to making a discussion on Facebook log in, we shall learn the Facebook sign up process. Moving on, let us now discuss some pre-requirements for creating an account on Facebook. "covid-19"

Requirements for creating a Facebook account

Below we have discussed a few points that let you know what you need to have a Facebook login account:

  • First of all, you should have a device with a stable internet connection

  • A unique email ID that you have not used for Facebook sign up already

  • A valid phone number for verification and instant FB login

Now, as we know a few pre-requirements for creating a Facebook account, now let us discuss why we should use Facebook instead of any other social networking app.

Why choose Facebook?

The core reasons for joining Facebook are listed below:

  • Primarily, it allows you to find and make new friends

  • You can also get connected to your old friends with whom you lost all the contacts

  • You can also view their pictures and react to them

  • Moreover, you can share your pictures too and get comments or likes from your friends

  • Scroll through different feeds throughout the day

  • Use its instant messenger facility for a quick chat with your loved ones

  • It is a highly secured platform as it lets you know of unauthentic logins

Now, let us quickly move on to the steps to create a Facebook account followed by which we will discuss the method to login to Facebook.

How to sign up on Facebook?

If you already have a Facebook account, you can skip to the Facebook/login directly. Else, use these steps to log in:

  1. Go to the Facebook com login page

  2. Click on the “create new account" button

  3. Fill in your first name and sir name

  4. Now, enter your date of birth

  5. Provide a valid phone number on which you can be contacted

  6. Choose your gender in the next option

  7. Finally, choose a password for your account

  8. And, hit the “Sign Up" button

Once you are logged in to your account, you can easily hide a few of these details. Simply, navigate to the profile settings after you log in to Facebook. Moving on, let us discuss the steps to login Facebook account. "covid-19"

Steps to login to Facebook

The steps to access your Facebook account after the Facebook login sign have been discussed below. Follow these steps for uninterrupted login:

  1. Navigate to the fb login page i.e. Facebook com login

  2. Enter your Facebook registered email or phone number

  3. Then, type the password you created during registration

  4. And, click on the Facebook login button

These were a few simple and quick steps for fb login using which a user can easily access his account. Moving on, let us now learn a few details about Facebook messenger login.

So, what is a Facebook messenger?

Well, Facebook Messenger is an app that is created by Facebook in order to let people connect more smoothly. Using their Facebooklogin details, users can easily access their accounts and have a one-on-one conversation with their loved ones. This is similar to any other messenger application such as WhatsApp. If you do not have your Facebook login credentials or haven’t registered with them ever, then you should sign up now and create an account on Facebook as soon as possible. Then only you will be able to access all the features of Facebook and make the best use of them.

How to log in to Facebook Messenger?

To use the Facebook messenger features and involve in a conversation with your friends, you must log in using Facebook login details:

  1. At first, download and install the Messenger application on your device

  2. If you already have it, then you may continue with the steps given below

  3. Now, launch the messenger app on your device

  4. Enter your Facebook Id or username

  5. Then, enter the same password that you have associated with it

Hurrah! This is how you can access all the features of the Facebook messenger by simply completing the Facebook log in to Facebook process given here.


These were all the details about Facebook. Using the same login process that you used to log in at the facebook com login page, you can access your account using the Facebook Lite app as well. Hopefully, the concept of Facebook login and sign-up is clear to you now. For more information, you can always make a visit to the official website of Facebook.