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This privacy policy for EZ Notes briefly outlines what is done with the data you supply our Organizer, whether our App itself is designed to collect data or not, and what is done with any data that Google collects.

1) Does EZ Notes Collect Information? The EZ Notes Android organizer has not been coded to directly collect any user information for its own purposes such as Advertising, Marketing, Selling to others, re-purposing, etc. We do our very best to respect our user's data and their device privacy. All information users supply to EZ Notes (with the exception of the Voice Features which Google collects for enhancing its own Speech Recognition APIs) are stored strictly locally on the Android device. In fact at EZ Notes, we do not use any private servers to try and collect or store user data of any kind.

2) How does EZ Notes use the information you provide via typing, voice notes, and sketching? Typed notes and sketched notes are only stored locally on the persistent storage of the Android device. This is a "sandbox" environment that is not accessible to other Apps. Furthermore, clicking on the Microphone icon (either on the Home Screen of the App or inside the Editor), invokes Google's Voice Recognition API technology. This action enables EZ Notes to convert your spoken audio into text notes in a very convenient way. This way, rather than typing everything out manually and in circumstances of mobility, you can conveniently use your Voice to create text notes. There are no audio clips generated or stored by EZ Notes even when using the Microphone record features. Everything is strictly text-based.

3) Under what circumstances is user data (information) shared? One way information is shared in EZ Notes is by using the Context Menus on the Swipe-able list of Note Cards, and with the EZ To-Do Cards. In these cases, sharing occurs under the full awareness, will, and control of the user. The user can utilize email or any other available Apps that we display on a pop-up screen, to share their data with whomever they choose. Another way you can share data is through the Canvas Sketch portion of EZ Notes called EZ Sketch. This feature comes from an Open Source GitHub Project called "Markers" (owned and developed by Mr. Daniel Sandler), wherein the Canvas provides options to share your colorful Sketches via any App of choice (listed in a pop-up window). Finally, we can inform you that Google actually collects information about your voice recordings, strictly for improving their own Voice Recognition Services (according to Google.) Your spoken data is not shared with others to the best of our knowledge. It's important to point out that anything that Google does with this data is just like anything else they do with any other data that you provide any of their Apps and Services, and we have no control or say on what Google does with their data. They claim to be using your data to improve their Voice Recognition Services and other services in general. It's important to also note that the EZ Notes voice transcription (and hence Microphone recorder) behaves identically to the way the Google Keep organizer operates. Even in that Application, a similar sort of data collection occurs, only for the purpose of enhancing the Voice Technologies of Google Voice recognition.

4) App Permissions

EZ Notes used to require only one permission!

Storage: This is a non-invasive permission used by EZ Notes ("Markers") application, in order to Read/Write data From/To the canvas notes. This Permission was only for Android versions 4.3 and below. For versions above 4.3, we require Zero Permissions! Hence, EZ Notes is truly one of the most non-invasive, privacy-oriented, and offline products in its class.

Hence, we can say that only the Spoken Audio Voice notes are collected by Google, and shared only with Google's own data centers for analysis and improvement of their Voice recognition services. This is what Google informs everyone. EZ Notes does not collect user data for profit or sharing with anyone, and we do not send (nor share) any user data with anyone, other than whatever Google collects for improving their own technologies. In fact, our strong respect for User Data Privacy has been one of our biggest advantages and strong selling points for our software to our worldwide customers!

Any other permissions you may notice being requested or utilized by EZ Notes, are strictly related to and required by the Google Billing System. Such permissions enable worldwide customers to subscribe to the EZ Notes premium features and add advanced capabilities to their software. Moreover, EZ Notes does not gain special visibility or access to our customer's personal (private) payment information. All such sensitive private matters are handled under standard security protocols in place by the Google Billing System, and we adhere to the same standard procedures used by other premium apps on Google Play Store.

You may also visit the following link from Google, to learn more:

Manage Google Voice & Audio Activity

5) Google Play Billing System to Manage Subscriptions

Since Version 8.0.0 of the EZ Notes software, we have introduced the Google Play Billing system to offer in-app subscriptions to premium features. As of version 8.0.5 , our advanced in-app subscription features include the following (but we reserve the right to continue adding even more premium features for our subscribers, and are doing so.)

  • Folder Renaming

  • Infinite Note Color Selection inside the Editor

  • Voice Microphone recorder inside the Editor

To learn more details about Google Play's Payment Policies, you may visit the following link:

5) Relating to Backup and Restore functionality

Since the release of version 8.3.0, we have introduced the capabilities for users of EZ Notes to create a Backup Archive file for Data Restore (Data recoverability) purposes only. This user Backup file contains the user's personal data (all their notes) and is strictly under the control and visibility of that user (and is not visible nor accessible by anyone else.) This means that we at EZ Notes do not have access (nor gain any visibility) to the user's backup archive file or any other aspects of their personal notes that they create inside EZ Notes. The user's backup archive file is strictly private and only accessible by that user unless they choose (with their own consent) to share the file with someone they know and trust. We emphasize and state that none of the notes, files, or data created by our users inside EZ Notes, are ever visible or accessible to us at EZ Notes.

This document was drafted on 9/27/2022.

EZ Notes Copyright © 2014. Developed and owned by Alexander Madani. All rights reserved.