Extreme Right

No to racism, and so on.

Yes to democracy.

Yes to capitalism.

"Right" is the political position of a smaller government. "Extreme right" is the position of wanting an extremly small government. 

"Extreme right" can not also mean racism, and so on. Because if someone is racist but want a big government, that person would be both right and left at the same time. That does not work logically. 

On this web page, "extreme right" means wanting an extremly small government, not racism or other such meanings. 

We are proud to be extreme right, in the sense of wanting an extremly small government. 

Some of the heroes and heroines of the extreme right are:

We take ownership of the term "extreme right". We own that term. 

Whenever we have the chance to give our definition of "extreme right" (see above), we take it.

All politically right persons are associated with racism when "extreme right" is defined as racist, and so on. This is because there is a kinship of all persons to the right, from the person mildly to the right to the person extremly to the right. Their common ground is that they want a small government.

The left benefits from the wrongful association between the political "right" and racism. As long as legacy media is dominated by leftists, the wrongful association will be used. 

If the political right would not be associated with racism, and so on, this would surely benefit the standing of the political right in the population. This would get more votes to politically right persons, which would make governments smaller.

To stop the wrongful and harmful definition of "extreme right" as racist, and so on, the following is needed:   

This web page has the intention of leading the world to a rightful use of the term "extreme right", and by implication, the term "right".