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You moved in with your best friend and his family under one condition:
That you don't hook up with your friend's cute little sister Leah who has a crush on you.

The game begins with Leah complaining that her boobs are too small, so to make her feel better you pull out your grandfather's pocket watch and wave it in front of her, telling her that her boobs will grow. This somehow works, and soon all of Leah's friends are asking you to hypnotize them also.

Choose between being the nice guy and the asshole with each girl. It is possible to date multiple girls at the same time, but you will find that girls in small private schools tend to gossip.

There are five main girls with story lines to explore romantically.

The girls:

Your best friend's little sister that he is very protective over. How good are you at saying no?

Leah's best friend. Leah set you up at first but later seems to regret being your wing man.

A girl from your past you don't have fond memories of. Has she turned a new leaf?

Laura's best friend will refer to you as her enemy or her boyfriend, depending on your choices.

The other girls are mean to Jenn. You decide if you want to help her or take advantage of her submissive nature.

Each of the five girls will introduce you to a new girl:

Leah's twin sister that was adopted when she was younger.

Grace's foreign exchange student friend.

Laura's older sister who is engaged.

Jenn's best friend.

Ashley's Mom.


You receive a call out of the blue telling you that your uncle you haven't seen in over a decade has passed.
When you go to pay your respects, you find that he has left you an inheritance including a gentleman's club.

The catch is that before you can own the place, you have to do one thing:
Get married.

Date a variety of girls on your path to finding "the one", all while uncovering who it was that killed your uncle.

Find help on your quest for love (or ass) with advice from your head of security, the DJ and your assistant Kassie.


In addition to the games, I also write stories set in the same universe with included visuals.
Find them over on DeviantArt!

Otherwise, here are descriptions:

My Ex-Girlfriend's Hot Friends
Fresh out of a break up, Mike is avoiding his ex like the plague. However, when two of her hot friends drop by, he can't help being a little curious.

Bad Influences
This story follows Dan as he vacations in Hawaii with his sister and her friend who are unnecessarily cruel to him. He attempts to make the most of the situation, but will they get along?

Lockdown With Victoria And Her Sister
Continues the adventures of Dan, his girlfriend Victoria and her sister Angie as they move in together at the beginning of 2020. Living in a small space, it becomes difficult for Dan and Angie to keep their mutual attraction at bay. Sequel to Bad Influences.

The story is around 100 pages and contains 40 renders of the characters.

Download the PDF here.

What To Expect

Both titles are interactive adult visual novels where your choices will set the dialogue, scenes, love interests and morality of the main character.
The games have multiple paths and will include dozens of possible endings when they are finished.
They are not meant for those under the age of 18.


NSFW, dating, girl on girl, harem, breast expansion, lactation, pregnancy.

Does not contain:

NTR, anyone under the age of 18, incest or anything non-consensual.

Current State

Both games are free to download and play. Made using Ren'Py. 

Hypnosis is my first game, so it begins with a less polished look and feel, but it improves with each new episode.

Endowed has the benefit of all the experience learned from making Hypnosis, but it is currently shorter.

They are Visual Novels where you get to make choices (as well as go back to make better ones).

Your choices can affect dialogue, actions and reactions with each girl. 

Both games are free to play, and patrons get access 30 days early.

They are available to download and play on PC, Mac and Android.


I have had a great time learning all the aspects of game design.
I had no prior experience with coding, 3d imaging, marketing, or any of the other skills needed.
I always wanted to be a writer, and this has been a great way to see that dream become a reality.
Everything I earn from the game is given by the generosity of people like you.
Thank you very much to everyone that has already supported the game!

I appreciate you considering giving your support.

Most of all, I hope you enjoy it!

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Need help? Check out the Hypnosis walkthrough here.
Also find the walkthrough for Endowed here.